Kim Kardashian’s Driver Released From Custody, Not A Suspect In Paris Robbery

Kim Kardashian’s trusted Paris driver wasn’t in on her traumatic robbery as previously reported. The limo company where Michael Madar is employed is speaking out on behalf of their driver and they say he was never a suspect to begin with. Instead, UNIC Worldpass, the company who employs the 40-year old driver, claims that he was brought in by French police to give them testimony pertaining to Kim’s robbery case.

When Madar was initially taken into custody, it was assumed that he was part of the huge sting that ended with 17 people under arrest as Parisian officials continue to investigate Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery. According to TMZ, Madar has since been cleared of all suspicion and released. If the robbery was an inside job, officials don’t think he is their man.

The Los Angeles Times reported that 17 individuals were arrested by French police on Monday. Among them were Michael Madar and his 27-year old brother Gary Madar, both of whom work for the limo company used by Kim Kardashian. According to the report, Gary was driving Kim around on the night she was robbed.

Of the rest of the suspects who were arrested in the early hours of Monday morning, five of them are known burglars. The suspects, whose ages ranged from 23 to 72 years old and include three women, were arrested after several raids in multiple locations in and around Paris. During the raids, almost $150,000 in cash was found along with multiple guns.

Upon their arrest, French authorities have 96 hours to either charge the Paris robbery suspects with a crime or let them go. That means law enforcement should be pressing charges soon and if they don’t do it by Thursday, they may be forced to let those suspected of robbing Kim of more than $10 million in jewelry go free.

The Paris robbery took place on October 3 when Kim Kardashian and her sisters were in town for Paris Fashion Week. Kim reportedly sent her security guard off with Kendall and Kourtney because she wasn’t planning on going out again that night. Prior to the theft, Kim had stayed at the Paris No-Name hotel many times and her husband Kanye West kept a temporary residence there for quite some time so she felt safe staying in her suite by herself.


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Thieves woke Kim from her sleep early in the morning and held the reality star at gunpoint while searching her room for valuables. They were able to get away with a jewelry box containing more than $6 million in valuables as well as Kim’s engagement ring from Kanye, estimated to be worth $4.5 million.

Investigators were reportedly able to track the thieves from DNA evidence that was collected from the scene. Not all of the suspects arrested on Monday are believed to have played a direct role in Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery, although police do believe it took a network of criminals to pull off the heist and sell the jewelry that was stolen.

According to People, there were five masked gunmen who busted into Kim’s room and tied her up during the robbery. Others who were arrested are suspected to have helped organize the robbery while one has ties in Antwerp, where some of Kim’s most valuable diamonds are believed to have been sold.

There has been speculation that Kim Kardashian’s huge diamond engagement ring might still be found and returned to the reality star. In the wake of the traumatic Paris robbery, Kim has only recently become active on social media again but opts not to post pictures or venture out while wearing expensive jewelry.

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