Christy Mack: Adult Star Beaten After MMA Fighter’s Alleged Rape Fantasy Chat

Adult star Christy Mack and Jonathan “War Machine” Koppenhaver explicitly discussed their rape fantasy before he allegedly beat her, broken 18 of her bones, and ruptured her liver, reports the Independent.

The MMA fighter has been accused of attacking Christine Mackinday – whose stage name is Christy Mack – and a male friend at her home shortly after their relationship ended. He faces 35 charges, including five of sexual assault and two of attempted murder.

A judge has ruled that jurors will hear the testimony that Christy previously asked War Machine to act out a rape fantasy that “never came to fruition” before her assault on August 2014. The couple is said to have shared an inside joke in which Koppenhaver said, “Real men rape,” and Christy playfully repeated the phrase back to him, reports the New York Post.

She previously said during a court hearing that their shared fantasy was “role play” and “fetish” using a “very specific set of guidelines and rules … for safety reasons and consent reasons.”

“I wouldn’t have want to have an actual rape happen,” she stated.

However, War Machine’s legal team wants to introduce this “rape fantasy” conversation that took place between the pair as a possible defense for the attack.

War Machine accused Christy and her friend, Corey Thomas, of having an affair. It has been alleged that War Machine “punched and choked” Corey for 10 straight minutes before letting him “profusely” bleed so that he wouldn’t be able to contact the police.

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Christy was not able to escape, however, and she was hit so many times that she “lost consciousness,” eventually waking up naked in her shower, Deadspin reports. That’s when War Machine allegedly assaulted his victim.

Christy revealed that the MMA fighter allegedly told her, “That’s my p***y and I’m gonna take it back now.” War Machine then told her that he was going to rape her, but he “could not get hard.” The adult star was able to escape her near-fatal attack after War Machine left to get a new knife since he broke his original one while cutting some of her personal possessions.

While he left to find a new weapon, Christy was able to escape and go to her neighbor’s home while she suffered from a ruptured liver, a blowout fracture from her left eye, broken ribs, missing teeth, and several other broken bones.

Photos of Christy’s injuries went viral on social media and shocked fans after she posted them shortly after the attack. The graphic photos showed her eyes swollen shut, a bruise on her thigh, a cut on her lips, and broken teeth. The injuries were so shocking that Christy was left unrecognizable by the assault.

Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver, also known as War Machine appears in court

The 35-year-old sports star will face life in prison if he’s found guilty of the charges against Christy and Corey. He is already facing an 18-month to four-year sentence term for violating his probation in a prior assault case.

War Machine and the 25-year-old adult star met back in 2013 on a photo shoot and have continued their emotional on-and-off relationship with one another. Christy even got a tattoo on her back in red ink, which read, “Property of War Machine.”

“He became abusive about four to five months in, but by that time I was totally in love with him, so, so in love,” she revealed in an interview with ESPN.

The jury will hear the complete details of Christy and her alleged attacker’s conversation during the MMA fighter’s trial, which starts Monday, Feb. 27. War Machine has pleaded not guilty to all of the charges.

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