Mitt Romney Testily Defends Mormon Faith [Video]

A video of Mitt Romney testily defending his Mormon faith has gone viral just days before the presidential election. While the Republican presidential nominee has largely remained silent about his Mormon faith during the presidential race, the video from 2007 talks about the struggles the politician has confronted about his faith over the years.

The Mitt Romney Mormon faith video became an internet sensation almost overnight and shows the politician sparring off-air with an Iowa radio talk show host over his Mormon tenets and beliefs, reports The Washington Post.

It even includes a discussion about abortion and Christ’s second coming. Romney spoke with Jan Mickelson, who hosts a popular conservative talk show in Des Moines, saying:

“I don’t like coming on the air and having you go after my church and me. I’m not running as a Mormon, and I get a little tired of coming on shows like yours and having it all about Mormon.”

It was not immediately clear who posted the video on YouTube but between Wednesday and Sunday it garnered more than 1.5 million views. Many spreading the Romney Mormon faith video have been liberals like Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen, who tweeted the link twice, calling it “MUST SEE TV.”

Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith has been a sensitive subject in the past, especially with evangelical Christians, who largely consider Mormonism a cult. He has received growing support recently by religious conservatives, who either abandoned their initial views about the candidates faith, or their quest to defeat President Obama is greater than their reservations.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that the video was taped on August 4, 2007, during Mitt Romney’s initial campaign for the presidency. Romney also stated during the video:

“Throughout the Bible, Christ appears in Jerusalem, splits the Mount of Olives to stop the war that’s coming in to kill all the Jews. Our Church believes that. I’m not running to talk about Mormonism.”

What do you think about Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith defense video?