Ray J Hospitalized While Filming ‘Celebrity Big Brother,’ May Not Be Allowed Back After Blacking Out

Less than one week into his stay in the Celebrity Big Brother house, Ray J has already been removed after an emergency tooth situation caused the reality star to be hospitalized. When Ray left the U.K. house, TMZ reported that he was really angry that producers made him wait so long to get medical attention. Now there are questions about whether he will be allowed back in to continue the reality show competition after receiving treatment because they say he quit the show.

Three days ago, Ray J started complaining about a toothache to other Celebrity Big Brother castmates and to producers. His pain was reportedly ignored by producers, who thought the “Sexy Can I” singer was making up his distress. Apparently, they told Ray to keep on filming and refused to get him medical attention for the festering problem.


Ray J was obviously suffering, so the next day, the rest of his cast literally refused to film until he was seen by a medical professional. According to the report, a dentist showed up on the Celebrity Big Brother set to see what Ray has been complaining about. They say he was given a total of eight painkillers, half of which he was supposed to take at that time and the other half he was supposed to take the next morning.

On Tuesday, Ray J woke up and his mouth pain had become much worse. He took the painkillers as he was told but the pain didn’t let up. Finally, the show’s producers agreed to let Ray J out of the house so he could have his mouth seen and maybe even get some pain relief.

On the way to seek treatment, Ray was in so much pain that the singer reportedly blacked out and was taken to the hospital. According to the report, he is suffering from one abscessed tooth and another with a cracked filling. That can cause quite a bit of pain, and an abscess, if left untreated, can actually be life threatening.

Now there are rumors that Ray J might not be welcome to return to the Celebrity Big Brother house. That would be a huge problem for the star, considering that he was supposed to be collecting a cool $1 million payday. Leaving the show less than one week in certainly won’t earn him a check like that.

After getting his pain under control, Ray J FaceTimed with TMZ to talk about the experience. He wants to be let back into the Celebrity Big Brother house because he technically didn’t do anything wrong and he had a real medical emergency after all. Ray told them that if he’s not allowed to continue the competition, he may actually sue.

“I’m going to drive myself to the dentist and get my tooth fixed and then drive up to the house and try to get back in,” Ray J said. “I’m ready to go back into the house and they won’t let me back in and I’m really hurt by it.”

Ray J was eating while he talked to the gossip site and they even commented on how shocking his meal was or that he was able to eat it considering the pain he had been in earlier that day. That’s a great sign and means that Ray must be feeling better after receiving treatment for his toothache and for the tremendous pain.

Hopefully, the Celebrity Big Brother producers will let Ray J back into the house where he’s already been spilling his guts about past relationships while connecting with ex Stacy Francis. Even if Ray did say he quit the show, he clearly wasn’t thinking straight with the amount of pain that he was in, especially considering that he was hurting so bad that he blacked out on the way to the hospital.

[Featured Image by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]