Trump Compromised By Russian Operatives: Intelligence Report

Explosive allegations are being leveled against President-elect Donald Trump by CNN this evening, with the network citing a “two-page synopsis” that was included with the intelligence briefing that he received last week from FBI Director James Comey, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers, and CIA Director John Brennan, as featured by the New York Times. The report is said to detail “compromising personal and financial information.”

The Inquisitr has previously reported on the allegations of actor Tom Arnold, among others, of the existence of a Trump sex-tape, showing the president-elect in a “Russian orgy.” Russians have been described “cultivating” Donald Trump with the information.

The addendum to the intelligence briefing also alleged that information flowed between members of Trump’s presidential campaign and Russian intermediaries throughout the 2016 election race. CNN confirms that the addendum was included in the intelligence report the president-elect was presented with, but is unable to confirm whether the matter was discussed at the meeting.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been accused of directing operatives to compromise the 2016 U.S. presidential race.

In addition to President-elect Trump, President Barack Obama and the “Gang of Eight,” which includes senior Congressional members and members of Congressional and Senate intelligence committees, were said to be made aware of the information. The report to Trump was reported to be made in order to make him “aware that such allegations involving him are circulating among intelligence agencies.”

U.S. intelligence is reported to have been aware of the allegations since the summer of 2016. The allegations were said to have originated with a former British spy with a “vast network throughout Europe.” U.S. intelligence officials are said to have deemed the spy to be “credible.”

“I have a sense the outgoing administration and intelligence community is setting down the pieces so this must be investigated seriously and run down,” an unnamed senior administration official was quoted by CNN.

“I think [the] concern was to be sure that whatever information was out there is put into the system so it is evaluated as it should be and acted upon as necessary.”

Intelligence officials have explained that, in addition to the fact that information harmful to both the Republican and Democratic Parties appears to have been hacked by Russian operatives, only information that damaged former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s campaign was released.

The exact contents of the two-page synopsis have not yet been confirmed. However, CNN claims to have examined 35 pages of memos, first ordered by Republicans opposed to Donald Trump and then continued by Democrats.

Actor Tom Arnold has previously made allegations with regard to the existence of video showing the president-elect partaking in a "Russian orgy."

U.S. Senator from Arizona, John McCain, was reported to have made the contents of the memos available to James Comey on December 9, after learning about their existence from a diplomat from the United Kingdom. However, the FBI has been aware of the memos and the allegations since at least as early as August 2016. The British agent responsible for the information contained in the addendum is said to have originally been performing work funded by anti-Trump Republicans, and later by Hillary Clinton supporters. Information in the memos is said to date to August, but not later.

Since becoming aware of the information last summer, intelligence officials were said to be working to verify the credibility of the British intelligence agent with which the allegations originated. Only since last week were the reports deemed credible enough to make President Obama and President-elect Trump aware of the information.

The addendum, which is reported to not make specific allegations, was not included in the report made available to the public, as hosted with the New York Times.

As of yet, evidence of official comments on the situation from intelligence community officials, the president-elect, or members of his team, appears elusive.

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