Sofia Vergara Harshly Criticized For Making Latina Stereotype Joke At Golden Globes

Sofia Vergara is in some hot water after making a racially charged joke at the Golden Globes on Sunday.

The Modern Family actress may have bedazzled fans with her stunning figure and Zuhair Murad gown, but it’s what she said on stage that has left people feeling sour. The 44-year-old Vergara took the stage and attempted to make the crowd laugh by making fun of her own accent by purposely mispronouncing the word “annual.”

The Huffington Post reported on Sofia’s failed attempt at a joke in an article that calls it “damaging.” The article questions why the beautiful Vergara feels the need to constantly make herself the butt of the joke.

“She is well beyond needing to rely on Latina stereotypes for a laugh ― which is why it’s so frustrating to watch her step on screen (or on a revolving Emmy platform) and continually make herself the butt of the joke.”

Huffington Post goes on to give readers a breakdown of just what Sofia said that has some fans angry.

“While on stage, she made the ‘mistake’ of saying anal instead of annual. She then jokingly corrected herself by saying ‘anus’ before ending the bit she later told Instagram followers she came up with backstage.”

Indeed, Sofia shared an image on Instagram where she states she looks lonely, but was only trying to come up with her joke. A joke that many believe to be self-deprecating.

“I look lonely back stage but I was just trying to come up with my an*s joke hahhahha!!!”

Vergara included the hashtag “it’s all about entertaining” on said Instagram post, which may shed a bit of light onto her reasoning for including the Latina-based joke. It seems the actress will cross any lines to make her audience laugh, but the Huffington Post has seen enough.

“Sure, the crowd laughed. Perhaps I would have too if it weren’t for how often she makes her accent the punchline.”

The article also states Vergara can be heard making her accent the punchline of her jokes as she and others continue to make fun of the way she speaks. But the troubling jokes don’t stop there, according to the Huffington Post. The author continues on to say Sofia uses her womanly figure for laughs as well, which only adds to the sexualization of Latinas.

“The habit of using her already hyper-sexualized figure for laughs is troubling, as well. Vergara, and all Latinas, are more than their bodies or possible sex appeal but her actions on-screen do little to dispel the stereotype.”

Sofia Vergara criticized for making Latina joke at Golden Globes

And the Huffington Post isn’t the only source that found offense with Vergara’s joke. The U.K.’s Telegraph also weighed in on the matter in an article that states “Modern Family‘s Sofia Vergara offends with inappropriate ‘anus’ joke at Golden Globes.” It seems the ever-talented Vergara may have crossed a boundary on Sunday night.

“The Colombia-born star was introducing the three teenage daughters of Sylvester Stallone, who were all serving as Miss Golden Globe at this year’s ceremony, when she made the misfiring joke, which played on her thick accent and apparent difficulties with the English language.”

But the criticizing comments didn’t stop there. Viewers took to Twitter to share their opinions on Vergara and her never-ending Latina jokes.

An editorial director at Teen Vogue may have stated what everyone was thinking with his tweet.

“I wish we could live in a world where Sofia Vergara doesn’t have to CONSTANTLY MOCK HERSELF IN ORDER TO EXIST”

While a senior entertainment reporter from the Daily Beast commented on how inappropriate Sofia’s timing was as she introduced Sylvester Stallone’s teenage daughters.

“Sofia Vergara: Here are jokes about anal sex and now…please welcome some children! #GoldenGlobes”

Do you think Sofia Vergara’s joke was too much?

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