Jamie Foxx Responds On Instagram After West Hollywood Restaurant Attack, Wants To Keep His ‘Eye On Things’

Jamie Foxx has spoken up to set the record straight after a recent altercation at a West Hollywood restaurant on Saturday night. TMZ reported that Jamie and a few of his friends got involved in a scuffle at the trendy Catch restaurant after another group of diners believed they were too loud. After an exchange of words, the confrontation was caught on camera as it turned from verbal to violent.

Foxx jumped on Instagram after video of an argument surfaced on social media. Jamie seemed quite serious when the video started playing.

“F**k. The word is out, man. I know y’all heard about this s**t and saw some videos. I just want to address what happened on Saturday from my perspective.”

“All I was trying to do was keep my eye on things,” Jamie quipped. When he removed the towel from his face, Jamie revealed one severely crossed eye before laughing and let fans know that he managed to escape the skirmish unharmed.

“I’m just f**king with y’all, man. Everybody’s good. 2017, we don’t want no violence. We don’t want to get hurt and we don’t want nobody hurt. But if you want to see me whoop some a**, you know what you can do,” Jamie continued.

“Come check me. Friday the thirteenth. Sleepless,” Jamie said while turning the camera to show off a movie poster for his latest film.

“Come see your boy kick some a** for real.”

The caption for Jamie Foxx’s silly Instagram video said, “Gotta set the record straight. Can’t we all just get along? East coast west coast! Remember when they push and shove it’s only love!”

It’s hard to imagine that the Saturday night fight was all a setup, so it looks like Jamie Foxx is pretty good at improv, using all the buzz surrounding the altercation to promote his new movie.

As far as the fight story goes, a witness claims that Jamie and his friends were sitting in the patio area at Catch when a man approached them and told them they were too loud and needed to quiet down. Jerry Bruckheimer, Cuba Gooding Jr., Michael Bay, and Nicole Murphy were reportedly a part of Jamie’s party when the drama went down. Words were exchanged between the groups before the man who started it all lunged at Jamie.

The man reportedly told the group not to mess with him because he was from New York prior to things getting physical. That’s when a comedian sitting with Jamie reportedly responded to the man, firing back, “F**k you I’m from Oakland.”

One version of the story recounted that the man made contact with Jamie Foxx, then pulled the actor down on the table. That’s when they say Jamie was able to turn it all around on his attacker, putting him in a choke hold before taking him to the ground. The offender and the rest of his group were kicked out of Catch for the confrontation while Jamie and his friends were able to continue enjoying their evening.

It’s a good thing Jamie Foxx didn’t get injured by the aggressive restaurant patron. It looks like Jamie isn’t harboring any ill will toward the other group who interrupted his night either.

[Featured Image by David Buchan/Getty Images]