‘Big Brother 16’ Winner Derrick Levasseur Returns To TV In ID’s ‘Is O.J. Innocent: The Missing Evidence’ Series: See The Sneak Peek

Big Brother 16 winner Derrick Levasseur is set to return to television this week, only this time, he will be questioning whether O.J. Simpson really killed his ex- wife, Nicole, and her friend, Ronald Goldman, in 1994. According to Big Brother Network, Investigation Discovery will air the three-night event, bringing in investigators Levasseur, Kris Mohandie, and Bill Dear in Is O.J. Innocent: The Missing Evidence as they go through the evidence that led to O.J.’s acquittal in 1995.

According to Derrick’s Twitter page, Is O.J. Innocent: The Missing Evidence will premiere on Sunday, January 15. It has been a project that he’s worked on for several months, and he seems excited that the series is finally going to premiere on television.

Back in June, when Big Brother 18 houseguests made their way into the house, he told his fans that he couldn’t participate in Big Brother due to his commitment to the ID series. At the time, he couldn’t comment on the series, which was something that bothered his followers at the time. Now, we know he was working on the series about O.J. Simpson.

As the Big Brother fans recall, Derrick was an undercover cop that used his job skills against his fellow houseguests, earning their trust and friendship along the way. It served him well because he easily won the season without ever facing much opposition. Levasseur made winning the CBS summer reality show easy, when in fact, it is a tough thing to do.

Now, Derrick is bringing his cop skills to join a team of investigators as they go through the evidence from the O.J. Simpson 1995 murder trail.

ID released the sneak peek video which features Levasseur joining investigators Kris Mohandie and Bill Dear as they go through the files, visit O.J.’s Bronco, and talk to people who were involved in the case that captivated the nation in 1995.

In the trailer, Bill Dear says that he never believed O.J. killed Nicole and Ronald based on the evidence. They found blood in the Bronco, but it was on the passenger’s side of the vehicle. He added that when you line up the files and evidence from the trial, “it doesn’t add up.”

They speculate that someone else was involved in the murders, possibly someone that was close to either Nicole or O.J. Investigator Kris Mohandie believes that one of the shoe prints in the crime scene pictures wasn’t Simpsons or any of the police on the scene that day. They jumped to the conclusion that the unidentified shoe print could be the person(s) that killed them.

The most shocking part of the trailer is when they discover that there was no way O.J. could have pulled off the murders alone. He would have needed help. According to an O.J. insider, that was exactly the first thing Simpson told him right after the police arrested him in 1994. Levasseur and Bill Dear agree that this would be almost impossible to pull off alone, even for a man as “big” as Simpson.

Apparently, they found so many inconsistencies in the evidence that they wondered why Simpson was ever a suspect. Hardly any of the evidence pointed to him except his violent history with Nicole. At one point in the sneak peek, Bill Dear says they really need to reopen this case and issue an arrest warrant.

Of course, no one has been arrested in connection to Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman’s murders, so it’s safe to assume that the Los Angeles police believe that O.J. was the one who committed the crime.

The series has six one-hour episodes squeezed into three nights.

“Is O.J. Innocent? The Missing Evidence”

  • Sunday 1/15 (9/8c) – “New Evidence”
  • Sunday 1/15 (9/8c) – “Follow the Blood”
  • Monday 1/16 (9/8c) – “Person of Interest”
  • Monday 1/16 (9/8c) – “About the Alibi”
  • Tuesday 1/17 (9/8c) – “The Charlie Theory”
  • Tuesday 1/17 (9/8c) – “What Really Happened”

If you miss seeing Derrick Levasseur on television, tune in or set your DVR to record his new series.

Is O.J. Innocent: The Missing Evidence airs on ID on Sunday, January 15.

[Featured Image by Investigation Discovery]