Don Juan On Kandi Burruss’ Business Drama: Did ‘RHOA’ Success Cause More Drama?

Kandi Burruss’ assistant Don Juan seems very dedicated to his job and making things work for Kandi and her team. And he’s responsible for some of the operations of the business, including how the team performs. As such, he was responsible for firing Johnnie last year when Kandi felt that he was dropping the ball on the tasks she was assigning him. Johnnie had posted something on Instagram about being surrounded by loyal people, which was a clear dig at Kandi and her team, including Don Juan. This all played out on Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

According to a new tweet, Don Juan decided to share his side of the story on Twitter, as some people reached out to him to hear what had happened. On The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kandi explained that she had to fire her employee named Johnnie because he wasn’t doing his job. He kept putting his own business first, which meant that he wasn’t getting the job done for Kandi. However, Johnnie’s story is very different. He reveals that he was surprised he was fired, as he had been involved with the restaurant plans. And he told Phaedra Parks that he was involved in the restaurant planning and was a potential partner. Was this all true?

“Don’t be mad that Kandi’s peach is slipping out her fingers along w/ Ur 15min of fame, boo Ur b***hing was documented a lot #RHOA,” one person wrote to Don Juan, to which he replied, “lol like I want to be on tv. Trust me any producer will tell u they ask me.”

It sounds like Don Juan would rather just work for Kandi than film The Real Housewives of Atlanta. It’s no secret that some of the things Don Juan says on the show can be labeled controversial, and he does tend to throw some shade. But it sounds like he was hurt when he learned that his former employee was thinking about legal action.

“Again we U watching tv thinking that shows it all and it doesn’t she has done way more than any tv show could show,” Don Juan wrote to the follower, who replied with, “No one disputes that. On the face of the show y’all are on? With the stories being told & confirmed? It’s hypocritical.”

“It’s not a friend for 14 years can say certain things but a close associate can not,” Don Juan wrote to the follower, adding in a separate tweet, “He is family…your family and close friends can say others can’t…I know u have seen that (no that is not her best friend).”

“He helped coordinate but every decision, dollar, person in attendance &flow of night-I did, the vendors will verify he didn’t plan,” Don Juan explained to the follower.

It sounds like Don Juan believes that his former worker is only pursuing all of the legal action because he’s on television and gets to be seen more on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Since he has his own business, he may want to use this opportunity to market his own services.

“If he signed a contractor’s agreement, why does he think he was an employee?” the person questioned, to which he replied, “The same way he was 1099 every year and signed a termination of contract and Nda but he on tv.”

What do you think of Don Juan’s comments about Johnnie’s departure? Do you think he’s loyal to Kandi Burruss, and do you think he’s hurt with the way things went down with Johnnie, as he considered a lawsuit against Kandi and her team?

[Featured Image by Josh Brasted/Getty Images]