Leah Messer Spotted Out Partying After Facing Harsh Criticism Over Yelling At Her Twin Daughters

Leah Messer has found herself in another situation to be criticized. Every time she shares photos or says something on social media, someone always comes at her sideways. From yelling at her twin daughters in a bout of aggravation to her latest squabble over a vacation, Messer is never off the radar. While there have been some supportive posts for the young mom, the criticism and mean remarks are far more abundant.

Teen Mom 2 is currently airing Season 7B, which is where the video of Leah Messer yelling at her daughters came from. She was called some pretty harsh things for the way she acted in that scene. Now, she is vacationing in Miami without her kids, and there is more controversy. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Leah Messer is being criticized for leaving her three children at home while she parties in Miami. While no one bothered to notice the girls are with their fathers, they are bashing her for being careless and selfish. The twins are currently with their dad, Corey Simms, and Adalynn is with her dad, Jeremy Calvert. Messer hardly “abandoned” her children to party and vacation in warm Florida.

Enjoy a good week and mami,it was much needed.

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There have been some ups and downs with Leah Messer regarding her parenting since Teen Mom 2 began filming. Her relationship with Corey Simms was rocky from the start as the twins were conceived from a one-night stand. Though they did what they believed to be the right thing and got married, it was doomed from the start. Co-parenting was hard for Messer and Simms, leaving them in a court battle that ended with joint custody and parenting time. Things changed for Leah when Corey was awarded residential custody of the girls because she was unable to get them to school on time. It was during a period in her life when she was struggling, and after she got the help she needed, custody of the twins was reverted back to what is was before things went downhill.

It has been quite some time since Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert split and divorced. The two watched their entire marriage play out on Teen Mom 2 from beginning to end. Their daughter, Adalynn, primarily resides with Messer as Calvert travels for work. In fact, the most recent episode showed Jeremy Calvert leaving for months to work in South Dakota and leaving Adalynn behind with Leah. These two seem to parent well together and have yet to have a court battle despite their varying opinions on things. Co-parenting isn’t always easy, especially when one of the parents is dating someone or married to someone else.

Not wrapping gifts alone

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The criticism Leah Messer faces is something she has talked about before. She tries not to read what is written or said about her because she believes most of it is untrue. While Messer is enjoying time away, her children are well taken care of by their fathers. If anything, she wouldn’t have left if they weren’t able to be watched by trusted individuals. While there are definitely critics out there, Messer does have some support from fans who speak up on her behalf and battle the trolls. Being a mother is always her first concern but not having a break from the kids can wear anyone down. She was in Miami trying to enjoy herself before rejoining the reality that is her life.

In just one year, Leah Messer has come a long way. Completing the rehab in Arizona was the first step in the right direction. While she will never admit to having a problem with prescription pills, many close to her have confirmed there were struggles that no one knew about. As 2017 gets underway, Leah Messer is living it up in a more positive way.

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