Jennifer Lawrence’s Star Power And $20 Million Paycheck Couldn’t Prevent ‘Passengers’ From Failing At The Box Office

Jennifer Lawrence’s Passengers has failed at the box office, unable to meet the expectations of fans and the studio. Passengers is a futuristic film that features Jennifer Lawrence in the role of Aurora Lane, a space traveler who wakes up from her cryogenic sleep when the spacecraft halts amidst the journey due to a glitch.

Chris Pratt and Laurence Fishburne are Jennifer’s co-stars in Passengers, playing the roles of other space travelers who wake up during the mishap. Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are the main protagonists of the film and they, along with Fishburne, are the only passengers who find themselves awake after the incident, while the other passengers are still deeply asleep. Together, the three protagonists strive to repair the ship so all the passengers can safely continue with their journey.

While working together, Jennifer Lawrence and Pratt’s characters fall in love, leading to the movie featuring an admittedly awkward sex scene.

Jennifer Lawrence claims that she worked hard to prepare for her role and that she rose to the challenge of performing some of the most challenging and physically demanding scenes. One such scene in the movie shows the actress’s character floating in a bubble when the interiors of the spacecraft become devoid of gravity.

In order to film the scene, Jennifer Lawrence was required to remain in a water tank for twelve hours without even having the opportunity to go to the bathroom. The actress later revealed even the experience was so harrowing and physically demanding that she eventually urinated in the tank.

Unfortunately, Jennifer Lawrence’s sacrifice and hard work haven’t paved the way for the financial success of Passengers as the film flopped at the box office. Some critics are of the opinion that Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt were overpaid by the filmmakers, with the American Hustle actress receiving a whopping $20 million for her role simply because the filmmakers trusted her star power.

Jennifer Lawrence admittedly was almost single-handedly responsible for the success of The Hunger Games film franchise. However, the actress hasn’t always been successful in ensuring the profitability of her films. Previously, Jennifer Lawrence’s films like Joy have failed to deliver impressive results at the box-office. According to Forbes, critics reviewing the film have mentioned that the makers of Passengers might have blundered in overpaying the actors, and the needlessly high budget ultimately affected the financial prospects of the movie.

The New Daily reports that a significant factor that affected the success of the film was what they referred to as the “zero chemistry” between Jennifer Lawrence’s and Chris Pratt’s characters. Even though the movie is a sci-fi romance drama, the protagonists don’t appear to be deeply in love, and by many accounts, the director has failed to bring out the on-screen chemistry between the two main characters.

According to News Australia, the film has been called a “smooth sci-fi” that deserves little more than a rating of two and a half stars.

On the personal front, Jennifer Lawrence is reportedly exceedingly happy in her new relationship with director Darren Aronofsky. The Winter’s Bone actress has been spotted with the director in New York City on several occasions, and each time the pair have seemed very happy and relaxed together.

Despite the pair’s frequent public appearances, Jennifer Lawrence had never commented about the romance and did not even speak about it when she appeared on Seth Meyers’s show during a New Year’s special program. According to the Daily Mail, the actress appeared on the show and revealed that she hadn’t received a New Year’s kiss before.

“I hate it. I hate New Year’s. I feel like everybody is chasing a good time. I don’t think I’ve ever had a kiss on New Years. I don’t think I’ve ever had a fun time. Yeah poor me.”

Even though the two haven’t commented on their relationship, Jennifer Lawrence and the Black Swan director appear to have grown fond of each other in a short span of time. The two met on the set of Jennifer Lawrence’s upcoming film Mother. The Joy actress has previously been romantically linked with Nicholas Hoult and Chris Martin, though, based on the comments made to Seth Meyers, it seems as if none of her previous relationships have ever spanned New Year’s Eve. Hopefully, Jennifer Lawrence finally had a happy New Year’s Eve complete with a kiss from her new boyfriend.

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