Lala Kent Heartbroken: ‘My Mind Is In A Fog. My Heart Is Broken Into A Million Pieces’

Lala Kent made headlines last week because of her decision to leave Vanderpump Rules and SUR behind. It’s no secret that Lala hasn’t exactly been close with her co-stars for a while, and even during last night’s episode, she questioned whether staying on the show was indeed the right decision for her. But it sounds like Kent is still very active on Twitter, and she’s using her social platform to share her thoughts with her followers. And based on recent tweets, it sounds like Lala is disappointed and saddened by the news that the killer whale Tilikum passed away in Orlando last week.

According to a new tweet, Lala Kent is now revealing that she’s completely heartbroken over the loss of the famous killer whale, who is responsible for three deaths since he was captured off the coast of Iceland back in 1983. He has been in captivity ever since. He started out in Canada at a small theme park called SeaLand of the Pacific, where some experts claim that he went into psychosis. It was here he killed a trainer for the first time. Despite these deaths, people wanted SeaWorld to release him so he could experience freedom again.

“My son made this poster after we saw Blackfish yrs ago. Sad news of Tilikum, but still hope to #FreeLolita after 44 yrs! #OakBay,” one person wrote on Twitter, to which Lala Kent replied, “My mind is in a fog. My heart is broken into a million pieces. I don’t understand this world anymore.”

Tilikum spent over 30 years in captivity, but he was sold to SeaWorld after the accident in Canada back in 1990, according to the documentary Blackfish. It was here where he was used in the breeding program, even though he had a history of killing a trainer. Almost 20 years to the day of killing the Canadian trainer, Tilikum pulled trainer Dawn Brancheau into the water in Orlando. Since her death, people have been split about SeaWorld’s treatment of these animals. And while Lala Kent appears furious with the theme park, many people are defending the park’s decision to keep the whale in captivity.

“F*ck you SeaWorld, u don’t give a shit about his passing. U the fact that sum ppl r still dumb enough 2 buy a ticket. #nomore 2017,” Lala Kent added in a separate tweet, sharing that she’s had enough of the way SeaWorld treats its animals, and she wanted to campaign to get the whales released from captivity.

“This is unequivocally false, and hopefully you take the time to educate yourself on the world class care they receive,” one person wrote to Lala Kent in defense of SeaWorld, while another added, “they don’t need hate in this hard time. He was a beloved member of their family. Spread love not hate.”

Some people didn’t exactly share Kent’s opinion about SeaWorld making a mistake in keeping the whale in captivity, and one person even argued that it made sense what SeaWorld was doing as this was a pure business decision. While Lala didn’t reply to this particular follower, this follower did share the opinion of many.

“Ummmm money makes the world go around. Of course they love the ticket sales, they’re a business. U know how that works right?” another person wrote, critical of Lala Kent’s tweet about Tilikum’s role in the SeaWorld’s success.

What do you think of Lala Kent’s tweets about SeaWorld? Do you understand why she’s so heartbroken over the loss of the beloved whale who killed three people during his time in captivity? What is your take on the entire SeaWorld discussion about keeping whales and animals in captivity?

[Featured Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]