‘Vanderpump Rules’ Ariana’s Brother & New Server Arrested For Beating, Threatening To Kill Ex: Does Lisa Know?

Vanderpump Rules cast member Ariana Madix’s brother Jeremy is the newest server at Lisa Vanderpump’s SUR restaurant. Is Lisa aware of his dark past?

Jeremy Madix was reportedly arrested for beating and threatening to kill his ex-girlfriend. According to Radar Online, Ariana’s younger brother, who has been featured on recent episodes of Vanderpump Rules, was arrested multiple times for violating a restraining order placed against him by his ex-girlfriend in Florida.

Lisa Vanderpump’s newest employee at SUR just moved to Los Angele over the summer at the start of filming for Season 5 of Vanderpump Rules.

Jeremy can be seen in recent episodes crashing with his sister Ariana and her boyfriend Tom Sandoval.

It is no secret that Lisa Vanderpump’s employees do not have the best reputation of being law abiding citizens.

Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor was arrested in 2015 while he and the rest of the cast were vacationing in Hawaii.

Taylor was ordered to pay $1,150 in fees and fines, as well as $350 to the store and $105 to the crime victim compensation fund, according to People.

Ariana’s brother Jeremy has had quite the history of violence against his former girlfriend.

Jeremy Madix’s ex- girlfriend filed for an order of protection in 2011, only 11 months into their relationship.

The ex-girlfriend claimed that Madix was abusive for the last three months and detailed the most recent violent incident.

“[He] threw a beer can at me, hitting me in the chest.

Then he forced me in the car. As we were driving, he was ripping off my top and slamming me into the passenger’s side door.”

Madix’s ex went on to describe how Jeremy allegedly jumped into the passenger’s seat and tackled her onto the driveway.

“I was screaming for him to get off of me but he continued to wrestle me and push my face in the ground.”


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Jeremy Madix was apparently 19 years older than him. She claimed that she was able to break free and ran into their shared home.

Madix then began to chase her around the house and starting “waving his guns around, threatening to shoot me and my adult children.”

“My son was able to restrain him and force him out of those without his guns.

“I’m not sure how he ended up leaving that night or what happened after he was removed from the house.”

The woman, who went unnamed, claimed that she suffered extensive bruising from the incident with Jeremy Madix, but said she was unable to move out of the home with him due to a “lack of funds.”

Jeremy Madix violated the temporary restraining order she placed against him by texting her that he was going “to a place that he knew she would be and threatened to hurt a male acquaintance she had with her.”

The case was dropped a few days later when the woman decided to dissolve the restraining order in court.

The couple reportedly continued to live together after the incident until 2012 when things turned bad again, and Jeremy was arrested for battery and domestic violence.

“[Redacted] advised she was in a verbal altercation with Mr. Madix at their residence.

“She advised during the argument, she asked Mr. Madix to leave the residence. She stated Mr. Madix took her dog and walked out of the residence.

“[Redacted] advised she walked after Mr. Madix to retrieve her dog, at which time Mr. Madix did actually and intentionally grab her with one arm against her will while he had his other arm around her dog.”

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The new Vanderpump Rules cast member apparently denied the physical altercation but confirmed to the officer that there was a verbal disagreement. However, he was still taken into custody.

Jeremy Madix was released on a $500 bond but was arrested for violating his pre-trial release days later. That case was dropped as well.

It was confirmed at the end of December that Jeremy Madix would be joining the cast of Vanderpump Rules and working at Lisa Vandepump’s restaurant SUR as a part-time busser, according to Bravo.

Surely, Lisa Vanderpump is aware of Jeremy Madix’s violent past. For one, his multiple arrests are public record, but also, Ariana Madix has worked for Lisa for years, so she may have already been aware of her brother’s past.

Jeremy Madix also works in the entertainment and art industry as a photographer, videographer, and producer in Los Angeles.

Madix recently told Voyage LA that he actually moved to Los Angeles in March of 2016 and had hopes of starting his own production company with a friend.

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“Since moving to Los Angeles I have had nothing but success in pursuing my passion for the camera.

I would say the biggest challenge I’ve had over the years was finding my place in this industry and the challenge of establishing myself well enough to make money at it.”

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