Eddie Murphy Tribute: Chris Rock, Tracy Morgan Pay Homage To Comedy Legend

Chris Rock, Jamie Foxx, and Tracy Morgan were a few of the stars who turned out to pay tribute to Eddie Murphy on Saturday night, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Also in attendance to pay homage to one of legends of comedy were Adam Sandler, Russell Brand, and Coming to America co-star Arsenio Hall. The two hour television special Eddie Murphy: One Night Only taped this weekend in Beverly Hills.

In addition to video tributes to Eddie Murphy’s concert films Delirious and Raw, the special featured Steve Wonder performing “Superstitious” alongside The Roots and Murphy himself.

However, it would be Chris Rock’s anecdote that reportedly drew the evening’s biggest laughs:

“Here’s my favorite Eddie story. Eddie, me, way before I got famous, Keenen [Ivory Wayans], Arsenio, and 20 black guys at the China Club. A white girl runs up and says, ‘Eddie Murphy, I love you, you’re my favorite of all time. I’ve never kissed a black man before. Please let me kiss you. May I please kiss you?’ Eddie looks at her and goes, ‘You can’t start at the top. You’ve got to kiss one of these broke n****s first.’ “

The Seattle Times reports that Eddie Murphy received heaps of praise over the course of the evening. Adam Sandler was another attendee who was quick to send some love to the man who helped pave the way for modern comedians.

“Everybody on the planet wanted to be Eddie. He funnier than us. He’s cooler than any of us,” Sandler explained, adding that Delirious was “one of the most legendary stand-up specials of all time.”

Tracy Morgan, who referred to Murphy as “my comic hero,” was also eager to sing the praises of the man who helped inspire him. “He set the tone for the whole industry a long time ago,” the 30 Rock star said before the event. “He inspired me in a fearless way.”

Eddie Murphy: One Night Only is currently set to air on November 14 at 10 pm on Spike.