‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Is There A Deadly Trap Set Up For Jason?

General Hospital spoilers have been released, and it looks like there’s a death trap coming! A report by Celeb Dirty Laundry states that Buzz has decided to betray not one, but two characters in Port Charles. This stems from his involvement with a “mystery mob boss,” which is something that he has downplayed in his meeting with these two characters.

Spoilers state that Buzz will turn his back on Jason and Curtis in an upcoming episode of General Hospital, and it will be at a time when the two men least expect it. Right now, the men are busy investigating leads to who was responsible for planting a car bomb, which led to Morgan Corinthos’ horrific death. Jason and Curtis aren’t alone in this investigation, as Curtis’ wife, Sam Morgan is also involved in the investigation. That said, is there a death trap somehow involved?

General Hospital spoilers lead us to believe that there is a huge plot development coming on that might lead to yet another death. Jason and Curtis encounter Buzz at a homeless shelter, and at first, he seems eager to give them all the information he has, but is he being too helpful? Does he have an ulterior motive in leading Jason and Curtis in a certain direction? It’s said that Buzz isn’t just a homeless man, and he will have a big role in this tie to the mob boss and his accomplice Winston Rudge. It’s also believed that Buzz is being used by a “lady in red” to make sure this death trap scenario is carried out.

It’s said the “lady in red” has a real motive for killing off Jason because she’s upset that he’s gaining traction on uncovering the truth about the car bomb, as well as the mystery mob boss’ true identity.

According to General Hospital spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry, the reveal of the mob boss’ identity, “is said to be a shocker, but more so for Julian Jerome than anyone else.”

So the new question becomes who is this mysterious mob boss? Right now it’s being speculated that it’s Helena Cassadine, who many thought was dead. Like many characters on the show, this isn’t the only death that hasn’t stuck for Helena, so if she returns, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise for the viewers (but perhaps a shock for the characters.) If Helena returns, this will be the first time viewers have seen her in Port Charles since 2015.

Helena Cassadine isn’t the only one that suspected to be the mob boss. It’s said, that Olivia Jerome might be the mob boss because it was announced that actress Tonja Walker is coming back to General Hospital. Of course, Olivia Jerome is another character that’s also believed to be dead.

As a previous General Hospital spoilers article pointed out, this isn’t the only mystery that’s going on in Port Charles. After Tom Baker was killed, there’s a big question as to who murdered the rapist. Many believe that it was Franco as he wanted to avenge all the torment Tom put Liz through, but it’s also said that Franco’s mother has been looking to do damage to him and killed Tom. There’s another theory that Tom’s brother killed him because he was sick of trying to clear the family name. Right now,Franco is busy investigating the murder.

What do you think about these General Hospital spoilers? Who could the mob boss be? And will this trap lead to Jason’s death?

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