‘Dance Moms’ Spoilers: Will Abby Kick Nia Sioux Off The Team And The Show?

The latest Dance Moms spoilers suggest that Abby Lee Miller is just as full of drama as she was before all of her legal issues. It looks like there will be another “purge” from the teams soon, and it looks like a favorite may be kicked off soon!

Warning: This post contains spoilers. Please do not read this article if you do not wish to read Dance Moms spoilers.

According to the latest Dance Moms spoilers from the International Business Times, it looks like Nia Sioux will be kicked off the show by Abby soon. In this week’s episode, Abby came up with the concept of having the girls do a “maid” routine inspired by The Help. Nia’s mother, however, feels as though that this is a really “sensitive” subject matter and feels that Abby should pick another theme that isn’t quite as controversial.

Abby, however, is only concerned about winning. And she told Nia’s mother that if the team doesn’t win, then the loss is firmly on her shoulders.

IBT believes that this is a sign that Nia will be kicked off the team — and the show — soon.

Meanwhile, according to the latest Dance Moms spoilers from Yibada, Brynn Rumfallo is coming to the scene with problems of her own in the form of her solo routine. The pressure is really on Brynn to represent the ALDC properly, and her solo routine is supposed to be guaranteeing a win for the team. However, the reality of her performance is quite different from the perception.

“In the upcoming episode, she will be performing a contemporary routine, entitled ‘Botched.’ The dance number will rank first in the teen division, but will only place third overall. This gives Miller mixed reactions to Rumfallo’s performance. In the previous season, Rumfallo was introduced in the show as a possible replacement to Maddie Ziegler. The latter departed the hit Lifetime reality TV show mid-way through Season 6. However, when Rumfallo was asked to comment on the rumors, the 13-year-old Miss Behave Girls model said that she does not like to be compared to Ziegler. After the rumors have died down, Rumfallo started coming into her own and performing to the best of her abilities. There were times when she would win in competitions, but there were also times when she would experience losses.”

Finally, according to the latest Dance Moms spoilers from Radar Online, we’ll probably be seeing a lot of Abby Lee Miller’s impending legal drama on the upcoming episodes. Radar Online was able to get an exclusive look at Abby’s pre-prison meltdown, and there’s no doubt we’ll be seeing them on future episodes!

Abby took to social media to lash out about the dance business, claiming that the business “sucks” and that people don’t appreciate her or credit her for the work she does.

“All these comments about a number… A number that I did! Not a mention of my studio, not even a freaking hashtag, let alone acknowledging my staff, or the guest who did sections of this routine! Just another perfect example of why this business sucks!” she said.

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