Scheana Shay Divorce: How She Ignored Red Flags At Her Co-Stars’ Wedding

When Scheana Shay got married to Mike Shay a couple of years ago, the day went perfectly. Everything was planned out, Mike cried at the altar, and the two partied together until the early morning hours. But something went wrong between them after they got married, and Mike’s personal problems started airing on Vanderpump Rules.

After the wedding, Shay’s problems with pills, alcohol, and addiction took over on the show and Scheana was completely heartbroken. She stood by him as he got clean, but it sounds like there were some problems that they could not get over. In November, she announced that they were divorcing.

According to a new Bravo report, Scheana Shay is now revealing that she tried to fix things with her husband last year when he struggled with his addiction. But after he got clean, they never got that spark back. And things may be fine now on Vanderpump Rules, as she planned a surprise party for him, but things will slowly start to change on the show. And Shay tells Bravo that things changed around the time that Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz got married.

“I’m a person who likes to just sweep things under the rug and just act like everything’s OK and put on a happy face,” Scheana Shay explained to Bravo’s Daily Dish about her decision to get a divorce, adding about Katie and Tom’s wedding, “At the time at the wedding, it wasn’t about me; it was about them. So everything I was feeling and going through, I didn’t want to address, so I just pretended like everything was fine.”

It sounds like something may have happened between Scheana Shay and her husband prior to the wedding to push them over the edge. But Scheana wanted to fight for her marriage, so they took a second honeymoon in the summer to rekindle the romance. They went back to where they honeymooned the first time and tried to repair the issues in their marriage.

“Right after that, we went on our own second honeymoon and tried to repair things, but it just never got better,” Scheana Shay explained about the couple’s second honeymoon, adding, “We just never got that spark back.”

Shay points out that she and Mike issued a statement together and that the split was indeed amicable. It wasn’t just one of them who wanted a divorce. Both knew that things just weren’t working anymore.

“We just decided instead of going for a legal separation or trying to continue therapy, we both agreed it wasn’t right. And, you know, hopefully one day we can be friends,” Shay explained, sharing that she has seen her estranged husband quite a bit since announcing their divorce.

As it turns out, they have been trying to keep things civil as they do share a group of friends and they are starting to split up their things. And one can imagine that it has been painful for them to move on, move out, and start over. But Scheana Shay promises that Vanderpump Rules fans will see what happens and what goes wrong.

“So much more is to come, and every single reason why we’re getting divorced will be revealed later this season. So I’m trying to be patient with people who are impatient,” Scheana Shay told Bravo, adding that Vanderpump Rules will soon start to see the cracks in her marriage, adding, “You don’t know the whole story. You soon will. So judge me then. If you still don’t like me after you hear all the facts, then so be it. I still sleep just fine at night.”

What do you think of Scheana Shay’s comments about her divorce?

[Featured Image by Robin Marchant/Getty Images]