‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Steffy Tries To Stand Firm, Brooke Asks Ridge Questions, And Wyatt Drowns His Sorrows

There is plenty of drama on the way with Tuesday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful. Spoilers tease that Ridge will remain cryptic with Brooke regarding his plans to take down Quinn while Steffy will remain insistent with Liam that he is the man she is building her future with despite still being married to Wyatt. What’s coming up in the January 10 show and the next few episodes?

Quinn, Wyatt, and Eric put the full-court press on Steffy to try to convince her to move into the Forrester mansion and work on her marriage. The trio may have pushed a bit too far, however, and Wyatt has told his mother and stepfather that they need to back off a bit and let him work on this himself. The latest Bold and Beautiful spoilers via SheKnows Soaps reveal that Wyatt and Quinn will drown their sorrows in tequila shots as they consider that they may have lost this particular battle.

Steffy did not wait long to fill Liam in on the tactics that her grandfather, estranged husband, and estranged mother-in-law used to try to convince her to move into the family mansion and recommit to her marriage. The situation is causing some strife in this relationship, as Steffy wants to believe that Eric is making these extremely generous offers because he believes in her, while Liam is sure that this is all centered around Quinn manipulating the situation. Despite their differences in opinion, Bold and Beautiful spoilers note that the two will spend some quality romantic time together during Tuesday’s episode.

Darin Brooks plays Wyatt Fuller on 'Bold and Beautiful'

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers share that Steffy will try to sort through her options regarding how to deal with the Wyatt situation. After some intimate time with Liam, she will talk with him about how nothing that happens between now and when the divorce is finalized will change anything between them. She may sincerely mean this, but can she really manage to tackle the CEO position and resist the ancillary antics she’s been facing?

Ridge is determined to see Quinn pushed out of Eric’s life and away from the family company, and he seems willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen. He has been toying with his stepmother and taking advantage of some sexually-charged moments between them, and she has been struggling to resist his charms. Brooke is asking some questions about what he plans to do, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that this topic of conversation continues during Tuesday’s show.

Brooke will point out that Ridge is being rather cryptic, and he will talk about how he will use anything at his disposal to deal with the situation at hand. He will note that he would stop short of using weapons, as he is a lover and not a fighter, and viewers know just how charged that sentiment is considering the tactics he is using. How far is Ridge really willing to go on this front, and could he end up losing Brooke as a result?

Thorsten Kaye plays Ridge Forrester on 'Bold and Beautiful'

As the week continues, Soap Central details that Brooke will end up giving Ridge an opening to further his scheme regarding Quinn. They have agreed that it may be a great idea for her to head to Italy for a bit to visit Hope, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers reveal that Bill will head over there as well to surprise her. Bill is not ready to let go of building a future with Brooke and soon he will offer her something that could leave her torn between the two men.

Wyatt may be feeling a bit despondent over his failing marriage, but he’s not giving up quite yet. He will continue to work on trying to convince Steffy that he is a better fit for her than Liam is, and he will soon push his brother to admit that Quinn isn’t entirely evil. Thomas is about to return to Los Angeles, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers note that he will be dealing with some frustration and disappointment over the recent changes at Forrester Creations and the fact that he was left out of the mix of things.

How far will Ridge go to gain the upper hand with Quinn, and could this threaten his future with Brooke as Bill puts on the pressure to win her back? Is Steffy really ready to commit to Liam, despite the pressure she’s feeling from Wyatt, Eric, and her estranged mother-in-law? The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers share that things will be intense in the episodes ahead and fans cannot wait to see where things head next.

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