‘Alaskan Bush People’ Scandal: Rage And Pleading From Ami’s Estranged Family

Among the many Alaskan Bush People scandals is one with matriarch Ami Brown at the center. Her brother, Les Branson, and her mother, Earlene, had recently made public comments about the past and present condition of their relationship with her, and the role they believe her husband Billy has played. It’s not pretty. Among their remarks is one in which Les calls him a scumbag, and one in which Earlene makes an emotional plea.

The conflict between Ami Brown and her family is over 30-years-old and began before she and Alaskan Bush People patriarch Billy Brown married. The Bransons live in Texas now and did when Ami and Billy met. Les claims that the first time they met his sister’s future husband was when they hired him to do a plumbing job at their home. Even then, there were secrets kept from the family.

In a recent interview with Radar Online, the brother of the Alaskan Bush People mother spoke out about his feelings for his brother-in-law.

“People think that after 38 years I’m supposed to kiss Billy’s a**, but Billy is a sorry son of a b****. He’s a scumbag!”

He continues by explaining that during that plumbing work nearly 40 years ago, there was an obvious attraction between his 15-year-old sister and the 26-year-old plumber. It was later they learned that the two had already been seeing each other. It wasn’t long before promises of his sister finishing high school were broken, and the two had taken off to the the Alaskan bush.

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Despite several attempts to communicate with his sister, they have spoken with her only once. That was in a conversation in which she said that the Alaskan Bush People family would come see them during one of Billy’s book tours. That visit never took place. Les claims that he has since learned that they actually drove by, but the ABP patriarch wouldn’t allow a stop to visit the Bransons.



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During last season of Alaskan Bush People, Ami’s family journeyed to Hoonah in hopes of reuniting with her. Juneau Empire reported on that trip that did not go as the Bransons had hoped. Earlene suffers from Alzheimer’s and suffered a stroke in 2012. Although an attempt to contact the Browns was made prior to the trip, a response was never received. She decided to travel 3,500 miles to see her daughter anyway (accompanied by a daughter and a nephew who funded the trip), only to find that she was on vacation in Hawaii with her children and husband. The 84-year-old recently repeated her plea to Ami that she would like to see her before she dies.

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Ami has spoken about the estrangement on prior episodes of Alaskan Bush People and claimed that Billy rescued her from an abusive alcoholic home.

“I had a very difficult childhood and in order to move forward and live a healthy life, I chose to eliminate certain people from my past… I come from a family of alcoholism… My father was an alcoholic and it tore our family apart. Watching these things as a child, you learn from it. That is the reason why I don’t let them know where, physically, I am.”

Her family denies these claims.

Although he admits being enraged with Alaskan Bush People patriarch Billy Brown, Les also spoke of the pain experienced by the broken relationship with his sister.

“By not seeing Ami, we’ve been broken hearted for years. We periodically would try to contact her, and it’s ripped our family apart… We love Ami very much. She’s my little sister.”

Alaskan Bush People airs on Discovery on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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