Lola Kirke’s Golden Globes Photos: Hairy Underarms Gain Buzz – Why Doesn’t Kirke Shave Her Pits? [Video]

Sometimes the oddest things make the news, like the fact that “Lola Kirke Golden Globes” is currently trending on Facebook. According to Facebook, Lola currently has 2,300 people talking. That’s because Kirke did not shave her underarms, as seen in the below video from Lola’s Instagram page. That video features Lola dancing around in her underwear – and is one of the best views of Kirke’s unshaven pits online.

Red carpet ready!

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There’s also the below photo of Lola as Kirke arrived at the Amazon Studios Golden Globes after-party, which gives a good vantage point of Lola’s unshaven pits, since Lola had her left arm extended in the photo. The Golden Globes after-party photo of Kirke, taken at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday, January 8, gives viewers a look at the brown underarm hair on Lola in Beverly Hills, California. It’s something so unusual on a woman in this day and age that Kirke’s underarm hair is going viral and gaining buzz online.

The below photo of Lola in a strapless red dress when Kirke attended the premiere of Mistress America on Friday, August 7, 2015, in Los Angeles is another good chance to see Lola’s unshaved underarms. Plenty of Kirke’s Golden Globes photos show Kirke with her arms down, therefore, her hairy underarms aren’t on full display.

With so many women willing to spend thousands of dollars on laser hair removal that can be kind of painful — just to obtain that smooth, no-hair look under their arms, on their legs and in their nether regions — Lola’s choice to go hairy under her arms stands out.

On Instagram, Lola posted a photo of herself all decked out in her Golden Globes dress. Kirke also thanked everybody who didn’t send Lola death threats because of the hairy armpits that Kirke called awesome. Whereas Lola didn’t explain her decision not to shave her underarms in that Instagram post, Kirke did give a shout out of thanks to her makeup artist, her hairstylist and for the designer of Lola’s dress.

“Ok! Now I’m really ready. Thanks to all you beautiful people who didn’t send me death threats on account of my #awesome #hairyarmpits! You rule. And thank you @susanwinget for always making me feel cool and @reginaharris for my make up, @blakeerik for my hair and @andrewgn for my kick*** dress!”

The Huffington Post may have advised folks to get over the fact that Kirke didn’t shave her underarms for the Golden Globes, but it would take further research to determine why Lola didn’t shave her pits for the Golden Globes.

Meanwhile, Lola is receiving all sorts of encouraging comments on Instagram about her underarms, along with some advice for Kirke to shave. The below comments are a select few that Lola has received. Plenty of Kirke’s posts use the #hairyarmpits hashtag, which has more than 25,000 posts on Instagram.

slimersturkiye: “Wax.”

theshanabear: “Why have you decided not to shave/ wax your under arms but your bikini line is hairless. Asking for a friend…. Lol.”

horn.hannah: “Long live the natural body world and hippies ;)”

nickbenfey: “Been waxing my whole body since birth but cuz of you gonna let it rip! Nah but seriously props and respeck. Ur beautiful.”

In the top photo above, Lola is pictured at the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards with writer and producer Jill Soloway. The duo attended the Golden Globes event that was sponsored by Lavazza, an Italian coffee brand. In the top pic, taken at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 8, another viewpoint of Kirke’s unshaven armpits can be seen, due to the way in which Lola is posing in the photo.

[Featured Image by Ari Perilstein/Getty Images for Lavazza]