Victoria Martens: Girl, 10, Raped By Men At Mom’s Request For Months Before Being Murdered And Dismembered By Mom’s Boyfriend

Victoria Martens was raped, murdered, and dismembered by her mom’s boyfriend a day after her 10th birthday, Albuquerque police say. Michelle Martens, 35, admitted to soliciting men to rape her daughter while she watched for sexual gratification. Her boyfriend, Fabian Gonzales, 32, and his cousin, Jessica Kelley, 32, have also been arrested in the horrific child rape-murder case.

The 10-year-old girl was suffering from a sexually transmitted disease when she was killed. The mother confessed to New Mexico police investigators that she enjoyed watching Victoria Martens being raped by her boyfriend and his cousin, noting she sat back and watched more than once, the Daily Mail reports.

After Victoria Martens was raped by her mother’s boyfriend, Michelle Martens had sex with Fabian Gonzales 20 minutes later, the Albuquerque Journal reports. The 10-year-old girl’s forensic report revealed she had been dosed with meth and had alcohol in her system before being raped, strangled, stabbed, and then dismembered.

Michelle Martens reportedly told Albuquerque police investigators she had offered her daughter up for sex to pedophiles she met online. Victoria Martens was reportedly subjected to repeated sexual abuse and rape for the six months leading up to her 10th birthday – and ultimately her violent death.

The New Mexico mother told investigators she enjoyed watching her daughter be sexually violated and had let two other men rape her in the months leading up to the murder. Michelle Martens used the Plenty of Fish dating website to find men willing to have sex with her 10-year-old daughter.

It is not yet known if Albuquerque police officers have been able to track down the pedophiles solicited online or if they also have the human papillomavirus, or HPV, sexually transmitted disease Victoria Martens was suffering from when she died.

Michelle Martens claimed she and Fabian Gonzales had been attacked by his female convicted rapist cousin in the middle of the night and had no idea what had happened to Victoria, during her initial interview with the police.

“Jessica comes into our bedroom and asks me if I believe in God. She kept hitting me, hitting me, hitting me, punching,” the mother initially told police investigators.

The elder Martens also claimed Jessica Kelley shouted, “Your daughter’s dead” as she fled the home. Michelle’s story changed during the course of interviews with investigators. She later told detectives she and Fabian Gonzales had left Victoria Martens home alone with the convicted rapist, and the child died of an accidental overdose after getting into some meth she had found in the apartment.

Michelle Martens then told Albuquerque police investigators Fabian Gonzales and Jessica Kelley dismembered Victoria Martens and wrapped the remains in a burning blanket. The mother said the boyfriend and his cousin threatened to kill her if she went to the police and “ratted” on them.

The Albuquerque police investigators were simply not buying Michelle Martens’ story. The detectives tricked her into believing Fabian Gonzales was in another room being interrogated and had revealed what had really happened to Victoria.

When Michelle Martens began letting the whole truth spill, the gruesome nature of Victoria Martens’ final months became even more shocking. While Michelle sat and watched both Gonzales and Kelley rape her 10-year-old daughter, the child begged for mercy, but her mom refused to come to her aid, KTLA notes.

The New Mexico mother also confessed to watching her boyfriend and his cousin rape her daughter three other times in the days before they murdered and dismembered the little girl. Michelle Martens told police investigators she believed her boyfriend had been sexually abusing Victoria for about one month while she was away at work.

During the interrogation of Martens one police detective asked, “This time she died and you weren’t ready for the type of animals [Gonzales and Kelley] were?’

“Yes, but I should have stopped it,” the mother responded.

When police officers found Victoria’s body last August, it was wrapped in a burnt blanket in a bathtub of an apartment owned or leased by Michelle Marten. Some of the 10-year-old girl’s remains were found inside a plastic bag tucked into a hamper near the kitchen. Investigators also found multiple electronic devices which they feel may have been used for the sexual exploitation of children.

Jason Oetting, the father of Victoria Martens’ half-brother, said via an attorney statement, “She’s [Michelle Martens] never been a monster, she got mixed up with the worst kind of people and that contributed to a downward spiral from what we can tell.”

Michelle Martens faces charges of kidnapping and child abuse resulting in death. Fabian Gonzales has had the same charges levied against him, with an added charge of child rape. Jessica Kelley, has been charged with kidnapping, child abuse resulting in death and child rape. Both Gonzales and Kelley have lengthy criminal records. The Victoria Martens rape and murder trial is slated to take place in October. All three suspects are being held on $1 million cash bonds.

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