Caroline Flack Accidentally Posted Naked Video Of Herself On Instagram While Drunk With Gizzi Erskine

Caroline Flack might have taken one too many drinks on Wednesday because she accidentally posted a naked video of herself with her chef buddy, Gizzi Erskine.

Flack and Erskine had quite the party and they ended up recording a video. Unfortunately, the two did not notice that the film was being posted on Instagram Stories but it was rather too late. The Instagram video featured Flack half naked and she seemed to be laying on her back with Erskine’s face also came into view. The two appeared to be having a great time together.

It appears they did not realize it was a live video

A source claims that Caroline and Gizzi were filming the video on Wednesday. They then stopped filming upon realizing that the video was being published on the Instagram Stories feature on her profile, meaning it was available for viewing by her followers. One of her followers discovered the video and quickly reported it to The Sun.

Caroline Flack accidental naked video post

“Caroline was half-naked and looked like she was drunk,” the fan stated.

The report further added that the two frantically stopped filming as soon as they realized that it was a live video. Caroline’s spokesman reported that she posted the video with the aim of giving a laugh to their friend Professor Greene. It is not clear whether Caroline and Gizzi were in Mexico, Polynesia and Venice as they claimed, though it was believed that they were on a holiday trip to Dubai.

The two TV stars also posted more photos of their holiday escapades on Instagram including one photo in which they were seen sharing a cocktail from a bowl with two long straws. Gizzi also posted an Instagram photo on Thursday in which she held up a drink with the caption, “Sh*tfaced on a plane again.”

Caroline’s spokesman also added that she had an amazing Christmas break in which she spent with her friend Gizzi. He also added that the 37-year-old has an exciting list of projects that she plans to work on this year. The Strictly Come Dancing star has been posting a lot of holiday photos on Instagram after taking some time off from work. Some of her posts feature her on a beach while clad in skimpy bikinis and showing off her sexy curves.

Caroline Flack accidental naked video post

Despite the loads of fun that Flack was having during the holiday, she was not seen with her new boyfriend Blue Logan. The two publicly announced their relationship in November. The couple seems happy but for some reason Caroline decided to spend the post-Christmas holiday away from her. However, Logan seems to have won her over and her friends also like him. It appears that Caroline took the time off to spend time with her friends, mostly Gizzi. She also makes sure that she keeps her social media fans entertained with her holiday photos. Its good to see Flack having a good time before she gets back to her busy work life.

Caroline’s career has taken off quickly. A video of her very first showbiz act appeared, showcasing her as she acted in the making of one of the earliest Bo Selecta Christmas songs. Fortunately, or unfortunately, not many people recognized her at the time.

Flack and Gizzi’s latest Instagram video might have been an embarrassing moment for the actor and it certainly raises some questions such as what the two actors were doing naked together. But maybe they were just having some fun. It seems that Caroline and Gizzi did not mean to post the video on Instagram and the fact that they were drunk might have played a part in the accidental post.

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