Dentist Takes Laughing Gas, Then Performs Procedures

DeBary, FL – Many people dread visits to the dentist. While sitting in the dentist chair, awaiting that tooth removal or cavity filling or whatever-it-is-its-going-to-hurt, you are filled with dread … until a little nitrous oxide comes to save the day and make everyone more relaxed. When anticipating extreme pain at the hands of your dentist, nitrous oxide — more commonly known as “laughing gas” — can take away the pain.

Unfortunately, one Florida dentist decided that she wanted to be in on the fun. The Florida dentist was suspended after allegedly using the happy gas. Reports indicate that, not only did the dentist partake of the laughing gas in front of patients, she performed procedures on them while under the influence. Authorities from the health department suspended the woman’s license after nearly two decades in the business.

Investigators say that Dr. Sharon O’Steen “threw all medical professionalism out the window by inhaling laughing gas” and then going about her business of working on dental patients. There are even reports of the dentist partaking of the laughing gas in front of her patients.

O’Steen’s son told local news that she closed the office in June to get help for a drug problem. While she closed up shop voluntarily, she also reopened her business before really getting a handle on her drug issues. The Department of Health says she failed to overcome her problems and went back to work in August.

The Health Department used emergency suspension to remove O’Steen from her practice until charges can officially be filed.