14-Year-Old Guan Tianlang Becomes Youngest Golfer To Qualify For Masters

Guan Tianlang of China has become the youngest player in golf history to receive a qualifying invitation to the PGA Masters tournament. Tianlang received that honor after winning the Asia-Pacific Championship.

Guan ended the tournament with a 1-under 71 at Amata Spring Country Club. Tianlang was facing off against Pan Cheng-tsung of Chinese Taipei. The tournament came down to the 18th hole where Tianlang required a par for the win.

The eighth grader couldn’t make it to the par 4 in two shots but chipped a shot to within 5 feet of the pin before making his putt winning shot.

Fourteen years old is extremely young for the Masters tournament. The youngest player to qualify for the Masters was previously Matteo Manassero of Italy. Manassero was just about to turn 17 when he entered the Masters in 2010.

You may recall that last year the US Open welcomed 14-year-old Andy Zhang, another Chinese native who currently resides in Florida.

After qualifying for one of golf’s biggest event, Tianlang proclaimed:

“I’m so excited. I’m really happy to become the youngest player at the Masters and looking forward to going there. I don’t know what’s going to happen there, but I know I just want to do well.”

At only 125-pounds, Guan Tianlang has struggled with his long-game, but his precision and patience on the golf course are beyond his years. While his chance at a Masters victory is low, this youngster could find himself atop the PGA leaderboard in the future.

Do you think 14-years-old is too young for an athlete to go professional?