‘Rick And Morty’ Season 3: New Teaser Analysis Suggests Sexy Plot Points By Going Way Out There

Recent analysis of the first and (so far) only trailer for the upcoming Season 3 of Adult Swim’s hit show Rick and Morty was recently released, and it’s pretty wild. To be more specific, it makes a few outlandish and semi-NSFW inferences about the two and a half minute-long trailer and what it means for the new Rick and Morty installments. For example, two of the characters will, according to the analysis, be having sexual relations. Not all of the points the analysis makes are so much of a stretch, though. Some of them are completely reasonable and more than likely shed some light on what kind of themes we will see in Rick and Morty Season 3, like homages to certain sci-fi films.

Rick and Morty Season 3 trailer teaser analysis Adult Swim

On January 2, the Inquisitr published an article about the Rick and Morty Season 3 teaser trailer, which had been debuted the night before on one of Adult Swim’s live streaming sessions. As the piece noted, the visuals shown off in the Rick and Morty teaser are closer to roughly sketched stop-motion stills than to finished product, but the other signature elements of the show, from the larger-than-life sci-fi backdrops to the lightning-quick quips from Rick to the stellar voice acting, are all there.

It did not take long for a detailed analysis of the Rick and Morty Season 3 teaser to crop up online. The analysis, which can be viewed below along with the teaser itself, came in the form of a video posted to YouYube by Rick and Morty news and speculation source Emergency Awesome.

Perhaps the sequence from the teaser that the analysis gives the most attention is when Rick and Morty, while flying in Rick’s spaceship, are chased into a mothership of some kind by a platoon of alien spacecraft. What makes the clip notable, however, is that the opening to the mothership looks suspiciously like a vagina. The ships look oddly like sperm cells. The image of the ships swarming into the vagina-shaped opening symbolizes sex.

If that were the only allusion to sex in the Rick and Morty season 3 teaser, it could be easily dismissed as coincidence. However, it also makes a much clearer reference to themes of sexuality in Season 3 when it shows Jessica, Morty’s crush from school, talking with her friends. She reveals that she just broke up with her boyfriend and then, in a hilariously on-the-nose fashion, goes on to say that she is looking for a guy to hook up with. Morty, who overhears the conversation, becomes very interested and approaches Jessica. Before he can say much to her, though, he is pulled away by Rick. This strongly suggests that Morty’s attempts to sexually seduce Jessica may be a major theme of Season 3, and it makes the sexual symbolism fleshed out in the analysis more credible.

Rick and Morty Season 3 trailer teaser analysis Adult Swim

The analysis also points out how the ship chase and then the medal ceremony shown afterwards were both nods to the finale of Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope. It predicts that many other homages to classic sci-fi will be made during Season 3, especially given Rick and Morty’s proclivity for including subtle shout-outs to various themes in the backgrounds of its episodes.

As the above mentioned Inquisitr article reported, every episode of Rick andMorty Season 3 had already been finished and had gone into post-production by late September. During last week’s live stream, Justin Roiland, one of the co-creators of Rick and Morty, said the episodes were almost ready to air and would be available soon. All this info has the Rick and Morty fan community guessing at a March release for Season 3.

Until then, keep checking the Inquisitr for more Rick and Morty Season 3 news as it becomes available.

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