Kim Kardashian’s Longtime Chauffeur Arrested For Paris Robbery, Publicity Stunt Rumor Not True

Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint by five men last October 3, 2016 inside her home in Paris. The thieves were able to score jewelry amounting to an estimated $5.6 million, which includes a 20-carat diamond ring given by Kanye West that is worth around $4 million.

Many people were quick to react about the robbery heist, and some were not too nice about their comments. Rumors spread that Kim Kardashian was not really robbed in Paris and that everything was just a publicity stunt to gain more popularity.

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However, a few months after the jewelry heist, new developments about the case were reported by the Mirror. It was mentioned that 17 people were arrested by the French Police in connection to the Paris robbery of Kim Kardashian.

This fact will finally put to rest the rumor about the robbery being a publicity stunt. Barrister Jean Veil, who is the lawyer of Kim Kardashian, said in the report.

“I welcome this with great satisfaction, these arrests are a nice surprise because, on the one hand, it will perhaps make it possible to find the jewelry. On the other hand, it puts an end to the outrageous speculation by some, who thought it was intelligent to pretend that this robbery was staged, or a publicity stunt organized by Ms. Kardashian.”

Meanwhile, according to the Telegraph, one of the people that were arrested by the French Police was the longtime chauffeur of Kim Kardashian. It has been theorized for quite some time that the heist was an inside job. The theory was formed due to the fact that the robbers knew about her whereabouts and when exactly Kim Kardashian was going to be alone. Now, with the chauffeur’s arrest, there might be some truth in the theory.

The 27-year-old limousine driver knew the whole schedule of Kim Kardashian. He was hired by the Kardashians whenever they were in Paris, and he is part of a firm that provides limousine service. According to the report, the chauffeur passed on valuable information about Kim Kardashian to the robbery gang.

What lead to the arrest of the 17 people tied to the robbery of Kim Kardashian is due to DNA left behind the item used to gag her. Another factor that lead to the arrests was jewelry that one of the robbers left behind.

During the getaway of the robbers, one of them dropped a bag with some jewelry and accidentally left a diamond pendant which is valued at around $31,000. The jewelry was later found by a woman and immediately turned over to the police.

The French police later found out that the forensic materials found on the items found in the crime scene were a direct match to a known armed robber. It lead to the arrest of a certain Pierre B., who is living in the South of France. The rest of the people related to his criminal career were arrested. The police said the following.

“One of the prints matched an individual known to police for hold-ups and common law cases – a high-level gangster.”

Among the arrested for the Paris robbery of Kim Kardashian are the 72-year-old Pierre B., who is believed to be the mastermind, her Paris chauffeur, three women, and two diamond dealers who will be held for up to 96 hours before getting charged. The homes of the arrested individuals are currently being searched and some possible evidence is being seized.


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Kim Kardashian is very happy and satisfied with how the robbery investigation by the French police turned out. She has recently been back on Instagram and SnapChat after a three-month hiatus in social media. Kim posted a photo of her, Kanye West, and her two kids and captioned it “family.”

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