Goldie Hawn Comes Back In A Big Way With A Little Help From Friends Kurt Russell And Amy Schumer

Snatched is the first time Goldie Hawn has acted in a live action film since 2002’s The Banger Sisters, so it was with a giddy excitement that Hawn attended this year’s Golden Globe awards with longtime partner Kurt Russell. Goldie enjoys a new comeback with her role in Snatched, but she isn’t riding her way back to the top of the Hollywood A-listers roster without any support. In addition to the unquestionable encouragement from Kurt, Ms. Hawn also found a source of strength from the support of her Snatched co-star, Amy Schumer. Backed by Russell and Schumer, Goldie Hawn made a lasting impression on millions with her appearance at the Golden Globes.

Kurt Russell Was Proud To See Goldie Hawn Back In The Spotlight

Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell

Even though Ms. Hawn has essentially been retired from the Hollywood limelight for 15 years, ABC News reveals that her comeback with the Amy Schumer comedy Snatched has earned her such huge praise that Goldie was asked to present at this year’s Golden Globe awards. The significance of that honor wasn’t lost on Hawn or on her lifelong partner Kurt Russell, who remarked that they used the occasion to treat themselves to a “date night,” which Russell reveals is a rare event.

“It is like date night,” 65-year-old Kurt Russell said. “We don’t do these very often.”

There’s no denying that Kurt was filled with pride for Ms. Hawn as he shared just how loved Goldie felt at being invited to present at the Golden Globes.

“Goldie’s gone 15 years [since] she’s gone back to work, and they wanted her to present tonight,” beamed Mr. Russell.

Once Hawn took the stage at the event, she was joined by her Snatched co-star Amy Schumer. As the two actresses teamed up to present the nominees and winners, Goldie made the announcements with Amy correcting her deliberate mispronunciations. In one such instance, Goldie said “mystical” instead of “musical,” earning smiles and chuckles from the audience, including a knowing grin from Russell.

“Do you want to maybe throw on your glasses?” Schumer asked Hawn, who plays her Snatched mother.

“The nominees of five of the most tainted men,” Hawn said, again mixing up the words.

“It’s talented,” Schumer interjected.

At one point, Schumer asked Kurt if Goldie did have glasses. In response, Russell replied that the actress refused to wear her glasses, even at home.

Goldie Hawn Reveals What It Has Been Like To Work With Snatched Star Amy Schumer

Goldie Hawn, Amy Schumer

Taking a moment to speak with Entertainment Tonight on the red carpet at this year’s Golden Globes, Ms. Hawn opened up about the experience of working with Amy Schumer on Snatched. Goldie reveals that she was surprised to find how dedicated and professional Schumer is when it comes to creating a film or comedy scene. Goldie says collaborating with Amy was a great experience and says it was she had fun joining forces with the comedian.

Goldie also found her reminiscing, recalling her first Golden Globe win in 1970 and sharing that the Golden Globe event of the 70s was far less impressive. Hawn says the popularity and prestige of the awards ceremony has grown since 1970.

“I remember when I won one for my first movie I ever did, and it was a sweet little gathering,” Hawn said, referring to her win for Cactus Flower. “Nothing like this!”

While Goldie admits her daughter, Kate Hudson, is the social media butterfly of the family. Hawn does spend a little time on Instagram and shares pictures of important events with her followers. In this instance, Goldie had a photo taken of herself, while she was being pampered and made up for the Golden Globes, later sharing that picture on her Instagram account.

“Super pumped for the Golden Globes,” Goldie Hawn captioned the image.

Super pumped for the Golden Globes ????????

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Snatched, starring Goldie Hawn, Amy Schumer, and Ike Barinholtz, is set to hit theaters on May 12.

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