Emily Ratajkowski Pants Get Exposed At The Golden Globes

Emily Ratajkowski walked the red carpet at the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday night while clad in a beautiful gown, but the long slit gave the cameras a peep at what she was wearing underneath.

Ratajkowski was clad in a beautiful, long yellow dress that had a huge slit going all the way up her thigh. The model made things more interesting by holding up the lower side of the dress, thus giving the cameras a peep at her panties and her beautiful legs. She also did it intentionally because the dress appeared to be covering bellow her waist without her holding it up. After all she had to spice things up.

Ratajkowski’s dress was a masterpiece

Ratajkowski certainly looked ravishing in the silky Reem Acra yellow dress. Other than the slit, the dress was long enough to sweep the floor. The top part of the dress was open, giving a sneak peek at her well-endowed cleavage. The gown also had a collar with an extension running down her cleavage. She matched the collar with glittery shoes and earrings.

The beautiful model was not afraid to show off her beautiful legs as seen in some of the pictures taken of her as she graced the red carpet. And rightfully so because with such legs, they might as well be seen and appreciated.

Emily Ratajkowski Pants Exposed

Showing off every angle of the dress

Ratajkowski was clearly determined to make sure that the cameras captured every angle of her glamorous moment on the red carpet. One of the photos featured her turning her back towards the camera, revealing a spectacular design as the same glittery design flowed down her back. The design also allowed Emily to show off some more skin because it exposed a significant part of her back.

Ratajkowski’s hair was also styled such that it did not interfere with the dress. Her hair was styled and appeared shortened so that it only touched her shoulders slightly and did not hide the stunning design. It was also done so that it brought out her facial features, thus showcasing her stunning beauty.

“Emily was really brave and she let me cut the front of her hair to make it look more real,” stated Emily’s hairstylist, Christian Wood.

Wood further added that the model sent him a photo of the dress and then she suggested a faux bob. The hairstylist also pointed out that the dress had some beautiful details at the back, which was probably why Ratajkowski thought that it was a good idea to go with a shorter hairstyle than the one she has rocked for a long time during her modeling career.

The model turned actress also nearly flashed her breasts while on the red carpet as she was looking down at her feet. The open dress design and the fact that she was not wearing a bra meant that it was easy to catch glimpse inside the dress. However, the dress managed to stay in place and she did not suffer any wardrobe malfunctions.

This year’s Golden Globe Awards marked the 74 time for the awards and this time it was hosted by Jimmy Fallon. Such events usually ooze with style, and the Golden Globes were no different. Ratajkowski was one of the few female celebrities that easily stole the show with their sense of style and spectacular beauty. Emily was also naughty enough to give the cameras a glimpse at her undies, and though that would have been an embarrassing moment for her, she seemed completely comfortable with it and went on with her business of strutting her stuff.

[Featured Image by Jordan Strauss/AP Images]