Bill O’Reilly And Tucker Carlson Talk About Meryl Streep And Donald Trump Bashing

Meryl Streep received a lot of praise about her speech on Donald Trump at the Golden Globe Awards, even though she didn’t specifically mention him by name. However, there has also been a lot of backlash. This evening, Bill O’Reilly had Tucker Carlson on his show to talk about Streep and the rest of Hollywood’s use of an award ceremony to bash Donald Trump.

“Ten years ago, I would have been all over the Trump bashing at the Golden Globe Awards last night, but now many of you have convinced me that it doesn’t matter,” O’Reilly said at the start of the segment and added that showbiz people can barely influence politics.

Bill O'Reilly is tired of Hollywood politics

O’Reilly noted that since the Golden Globes controversy was getting a lot of play, he decided to talk about it with Tucker Carlson, the host who just took Megyn Kelly’s place.

“Whenever privileged people act like victims it annoys me so much I can’t control myself,” Carlson angrily said, adding that Hollywood doesn’t seem to understand that many of their customers voted for Trump.

Tucker also wanted to know if Hollywood had learned anything from the election. He concluded they didn’t, and instead, Hollywood has retreated and just made it look like the rest of the country is evil.

Tucker Carlson thinks Hollywood is clueless

Bill O’Reilly responded by indicating that the anti-Trump tirades are business decisions, not ones from the heart. He believes these actors know they’ll get more work if they play into the system of liberalism. He said Meryl Streep might be an exception since she has always embraced liberal views, and the jobs will come to her no matter what.

However, Libby Hill from the Los Angeles Times says that Streep’s speech really didn’t have much to do with politics.

“But her message rang out crystal clear, and it was not about politics. It was more a plea to protect both humanity and the humanities, to respect one another’s differences regardless of political affiliation.”

Hill adds that many people have misinterpreted Streep’s speech as an example of how out of touch Hollywood really is. That’s certainly what most of the commenters on Fox News think.

“It’s clearly an insular world and clearly there’s mandatory group think,” Tucker Carlson summarized to O’Reilly, but indicated he still thinks they are making a huge mistake.

Carlson used Apple as a comparison for an example. He said if the Cupertino company suddenly decided that everyone who buys a Samsung phone is evil and should be condemned, Apple would actually lose business.

Bill O’Reilly became somewhat agitated when he talked about the backlash Meghan McCain received when she criticized the Golden Globe fiasco. McCain herself brushed it off.

“And then you know, because Meghan does this, some guy uses the F word on her and stuff like that. That’s nasty stuff — there should be some price to pay for it,” O’Reilly said.

Tucker said he believed that Hollywood, unlike conservatives, is seeing politics like it’s a religion. Since they’ve abandoned religion, they’ve replaced it with politics. And anybody who disagrees with them is an apostate.

“The stakes are higher for the left than the are for the right,” Carlson told Bill O’Reilly, who slightly disagreed with the “politics as religion” bit because he has worked with a lot of people in Hollywood who only tow the line because they have to.

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