For Kim Kardashian, Paris Arrests Could ‘Trigger Old Feelings,’ Expert Says

The investigation into Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery is moving forward, and that could make things difficult for the reality TV star — especially if Paris police want to talk to Kardashian again.

According to psychologist Steven Ornstein, the recent arrests made in the case will likely bring up old feelings for Kardashian. While talking with Hollywood Life, Ornstein noted that Kim K will likely deal with a range of feelings throughout the process.

“The arrests will absolutely trigger old feelings and stir up a lot of fear and anxiety. I’m sure there is a sense of relief on one level, but on another level it means Kim has to deal with all of these painful memories again, especially if she has to go back to Paris and face those who have been arrested. But in the long run, it could end up being a healing experience for her.”

After the difficult time she had in 2016, Kardashian could likely use some healing. On October 3, Kardashian was sleeping when masked men broke into her Paris apartment and stole about $10 million worth of jewelry from the 36-year-old social media maven.

The incident was reportedly extremely traumatic for Kardashian, who opted to disappear from public life for several weeks after the event. During the public absence, both of Kardashian’s sisters — Khloe and Kourtney — reported that Kim wasn’t handling the aftermath of the robbery very well.

According to an unnamed source for People, Kim is still struggling to get right after the robbery. In fact, the source echoed the predictions made by Ornstein, saying that the arrests were difficult for Kardashian to process.

“Kim is aware that the French police have made arrests relating to her robbery. While she is relieved they are making progress, any updates makes her relive everything. It’s still very tough for her to deal with.”

If Ornstein’s assumptions about Kim’s mental health are correct, it could take a while for the mother of two to process the entire situation. Ornstein also spoke about the power of closure when it comes to a case like Kardashian’s.

“If they get convicted, and go away for a long period of time, Kim can finally get some closure on it,” Ornstein told Hollywood Life.

“Right now, it’s like an open wound, but in the end she can put this behind her. I am sure she must be in some sort of therapy that will help her. It’s very important that she has her family and friends to support her. A strong support team is crucial for Kim right now.”

Kim Kardashian Robbery Suspects Caught By DNA, Surveillance Video

— TMZ (@TMZ) January 9, 2017

After the robbery, Kardashian took many weeks for herself and for her family before she slowly began to return to the spotlight. In the first few weeks after the incident, Kim was rarely seen in public, but in recent weeks, the Kimoji creator has begun to step out more and more frequently.

Additionally, Kardashian chose to return to social media on January 3, exactly three months after she was held at gunpoint in Paris. Though it’s true that Kardashian has once again begun to interact with her fans on social media, it’s worth noting that Kim’s social media presence is markedly different than it was pre-robbery. Now, Kim appears to want to focus more on her family and less on her lavish lifestyle.

What do you think of the predictions made by psychiatrist Steven Ornstein? Do you think the arrests associated with Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery could trigger old feelings for the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star? Why or why not?

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