Samsung Galaxy S8: Price Change, Killer Features, April 2017 Release Date And A 60 Million Unit Rollout

The Galaxy S8 is coming soon, and the hype for Samsung's next halo device is at an all-time high. After the Note 7 debacle of 2016, the South Korean tech giant seems prepared to pull out all stops in order to ensure that its next flagship device would be its best one yet, and if recent rumors and leaks are to be believed, this appears to be the case. In fact, it might not just be the Galaxy S8's features that could be a game-changer. The price of the device might also be one of the headline-grabbing aspects of the smartphone.

Samsung is yet to release an official statement about the price of the Galaxy S8 and the rumored S8 Plus. Considering the South Korean tech giant's previous pricing conventions, however, speculations are high that the device would be priced at a similar range as its predecessors such as the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, which were priced at $670 and $780, respectively. However, recent rumors, as quoted by PC Advisor, have challenged this notion, stating that the Galaxy S8 would most likely enter the market with an $850 price. According to these speculations, the price hike on the Galaxy S8 would be due to Samsung making up for its losses from the cancellation of the Galaxy Note 7.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is rumored to be equipped with numerous killer features.
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While a price hike is definitely possible for the upcoming Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, a recent NSEAVoice report stated that Samsung actually raised its income during Q4 2016, which was the period when the Note 7 debacle was at its peak. In fact, it appears that far from losing a lot of profit during the fourth quarter of 2016, Samsung has instead recorded its highest Q4 earnings in three years. With this in mind, a price hike for the Samsung Galaxy S8 might not be coming at all. Instead, the device would most likely be released at the same price point as the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Samsung could even go the extra mile and introduce the Galaxy S8 at a lower price than expected.

Rumors about the Galaxy S8's features and specs are very encouraging, with speculations pointing to a powerhouse device the likes of something that has never seen before. According to rumors, the Samsung Galaxy S8 would be equipped with a Quad-HD Super AMOLED Always-On Bezel-less display with dual curved edges. The heart of the device is speculated to house a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 or a home-grown Exynos 8895 chip coupled with 6GB to 8GB of RAM. A dual-camera system, as well as Harman Kardon speakers, is also rumored for the device. Lastly, the device is also speculated to sport an integrated Home button and a USB-C connector.

The Galaxy S8 is not just about monster specs, however, as the device is also rumored to sport a number of very unique features. Among these include Bixby, a highly advanced voice assistant, an iris scanner akin to the one featured in the ill-fated Note 7, and a killer feature similar to the Microsoft Lumia 950's Continuum, which would enable a smartphone to provide its users with desktop-grade productivity. While these features have not been confirmed by the South Korean tech giant, leaks about these rumored killer features have been emerging in greater frequency as of late.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is rumored to come with extremely formidable specs.
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Samsung's release date for the Galaxy S8 is still up for speculation, but industry analysts, as described in a report from the South Korean publication The Investor, speculate that the S8 would see an April 2017 release date. According to the report, a source, which has opted to remain anonymous, stated that Samsung is aiming for an initial rollout of 60 million units for the Galaxy S8. This number is significantly higher than the 48 million units initially released for the Galaxy S7 and the 45 million units initially produced for the Galaxy S6. If The Investor's source proves accurate, however, the Galaxy S8's rollout would still fall behind the numbers for the Galaxy S3, which rolled out with 65 million units and the Galaxy S4, which holds the record with an initial release of 70 million units.

One thing that is particularly interesting is the notion that Samsung is allegedly preparing to launch another flagship device alongside the Galaxy S8. Over the last few months, rumors emerged that Samsung would be releasing another flagship-grade smartphone besides the Galaxy S8, with numerous fans speculating that the second flagship would be the Note 8. However, if recent rumors are to be believed, Samsung's other flagship that would be released with the Galaxy S8 would be none other than the cryptic but long-rumored Galaxy X, which is speculated to be the South Korean tech giant's first foldable device.

It is no secret that Samsung is interested in the production of devices with foldable displays. The tech giant even released a commercial for the concept a few years back. Thus, if rumors prove true and the Galaxy X does make an appearance alongside the Galaxy S8, Samsung might, for all intents and purposes, change the smartphone game once again.

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