Brad Pitt Concerned Angelina Jolie Allegedly 'Doing Everything' To Keep Kids Away

Kristine Moore

Fans of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt as a couple were very surprised when Jolie filed for a divorce in September, and things have allegedly taken a turn for the worse as Brad Pitt seems to be concerned that Angelina Jolie is trying to keep their children away from him.

Hollywood Life is reporting that while Angelina Jolie still intends to seek custody of the couple's six children, Brad Pitt continues to visit his children, but on a limited basis and with supervised visits only once each week.

A source allegedly revealed to Hollywood Life that Pitt would prefer to get the divorce and custody arrangements completed as soon as possible.

"Brad is desperate to get this whole mess with Angelina over and done with. It's turned into a nightmare of epic proportions for him and he can't believe quite how bad it has gotten."

"As far as Brad is concerned, Angelina is doing everything in her power to keep the kids away from him, and it's breaking his heart. Brad's really concerned Angelina is poisoning the boys against him, and they are becoming more and more distant towards him with each passing day"
"It's clearly over between Brad and Angelina, there's no going back from here, but obviously loves his kids and wants to remain a constant and active figure in their lives. He can't understand how she could be so vindictive and why she would want to cut him out completely from their lives."

— BollywoodLife (@bollywood_life) January 5, 2017

Laura Wasser went on to say that she feels like Brad Pitt is purposely showering blame on Angelina Jolie publicly in order to deflect from his own behavior.

"Her conduct in this case has been grossly mischaracterized by Pitt. Likely terrified that the public will learn the truth, Pitt is now casting blame at Jolie for the consequences of his own actions."

Angelina Jolie is using Laura Wasser on a retainer and has released accusations of infidelity, child abuse and drug and alcohol abuse, and this reportedly goes against her attorney's celebrity divorce guidelines. Wasser told Dame Magazine in 2012 that she may refuse to handle a high-profile celebrity case when her "client wants to go public" with information about their partner and that she doesn't feel right when "the desire to ruin the other person is so great."

Do you think that all of the publicity around Brad Pitt right now could harm Angelina Jolie's divorce battle in the end?

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