‘RHOC’ Meghan King Edmonds Calls Vicki Gunvalson An ‘Attention-Seeker’, Nene Leakes Is ‘Intimidating And Nasty’

The Real Housewives of Orange County star Meghan King Edmonds did not hold back when it came to saying how she really feels about her Housewives co-stars, other Housewives from other cities, and even Kid Rock? Who else did the reality star slam during her radio interview?

No one was safe from the wrath of Meghan King Edmonds. Edmonds called her Real Housewives of Orange County co-star Vicki Gunvalson an “attention-seeker,” said that she would least want to be on a show with Nene Leakes because she is “intimidating” and “nasty.” Edmonds even called out rock star Kid Rock for being a so-called “masochist” and said he was a complete “chauvinist.”

Meghan King Edmonds certainly had a lot to say on iHeart Radio’s The Domenick Nati Show on Monday.

meghan king edmonds radio interview calls out other housewives

The Real Housewives of Orange County star was asked about her friendship with former reality star on MTV’s The Hills, Audrina Patridge. Domenick asked Edmonds if she thought Patridge would consider being on the Housewives.

“No, I mean, it’s kind of like, an aquaintance friendship, but we’ve definitely been texting, for sure.

“Oh, no, I’d be open to it. I would love it, ‘cuz she has a baby and she’s my age… and just right there that’s a lot in common. She breastfed, I breastfed, a lot times it’s hard to find moms that are so committed to breastfeeding. So just right there is a bond, but I would absolutely love it.”

The subject was then changed to that of Edmond’s Housewives co-star Vicki Gunvalson’s topless photograph that was spread on the internet a few months ago. Meghan was asked if she thought Vicki was “too old” for this type of behavior.

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Meghan commented that the setting in which Vicki flashed her bare breasts was completely inappropriate because the group was out to dinner.

“But that’s Vicki, she’s completely innapropriate.”

The Bravo star also mentioned that she believes Gunvalson is a complete “attention-seeker” and very “dramatic.”

“…she does like attention but like I think people who are dramatic, they love attention and so, like, they are kind of going to give whatever reaction works for getting more attention… and whether they know it consciously or not… I think that’s totally Vicki.

“…And I think she really truly believes it. I don’t think Vicki really sees herself for who she a lot of the time.”

meghan king edmonds radio interview calls out other housewives

Out of all of the other Real Housewives franchises, Meghan was asked who she would most want to be on the show with.

Meghan responded that she actually really does not watch television, but that her brother and Carole Radzwill, from The Real Housewives of New York City, co-parent a dog together in New York, so she wins.

“They are in the same building in New York and so um there’s three parents, they all live in the same building, and they all share the dog.”

Edmonds did not hold back when she was asked which of the ladies from any city she would least want to star on a reality show with.

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“Oh well, Vicki… No, I mean, I don’t mind her that much I just don’t like the whole faking cancer thing. I think that’s really effed up.”

I think Nene Leakes would be extremely intimdating because she’s kind of nasty.”

Meghan even commented about this year’s controversial election and how she feels about Donald Trump taking office shortly.

“I’m not a Donald Trump fan. I don’t like bigotry and hatred. I like positivity and looking for the best in people, but I understand that we do have a flawed system.

“…he is coming from a place of truth in a lot of things that he says, I just wish he would be a little more tactful in they way he said it.

“But now that he is our president I’m just trying to be really positive and hope that he can do a good job and I hope the American people knew what the he** they were doing because it can be a little scary I think.”

Meghan King Edmonds admitted that she had voted for Hillary Clinton but now she hopes that Trump will put good people in office and kind of clean up his talks a little bit.

On another topic, the RHOC star was asked if she had ever had a really negative experience when meeting a celebrity.

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Meghan had actually said that Kid Rock was not the most pleasant of people to meet. Meghan and her husband Jim Edmonds were at their home in Idaho with friends when they were introduced.

“Probably Kid Rock.

“He’s a mascohist, he’s a chauvenist, um, we got into it a little bit and then he apologized.

“…it changed the way I think about lyrics in songs because I always thought ‘Oh, whatever they’re lyrics who cares what they say?’… and now, after meeting him, now I think about lyrics differently.”

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