‘Killing Fields’ Kicks Off A New Season With Another Fascinating Cold Case [Recap And Spoilers]

The premiere episode of the second season of Killing Fields, titled “The Hunt Continues,” found the team hard at work on the Boisfontaine case as they search for a silver-colored truck that could contain valuable evidence. Detective St. Angelo explained to the Killing Fields audience how they begin their search for the vehicle, taking viewers along as the team begins conducting field work. They begin searching the centralized Louisiana database as well as the junk yards and spend a lot of time talking to people both in their homes and on the street, all in the hopes that the one piece of crucial evidence they so desperately need could turn up. Besides establishing a motive for Eugenie’s murder, Major Ronald “Ronnie” Hebert wants to go over all the original evidence from the crime scene as well, including retesting all the samples.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, after Eugenie disappeared on June 13, 1997, her body was found almost two months later in a ditch. As fans of this popular series know, Sanchez still laments that the 34-year-old Louisiana State University student was thrown “in the ditch like a piece of trash,” and wants to give her family closure by finding and convicting her killer. Since Killing Fields is filmed in real time, viewers have been able to follow along, often learning something new not too long after the detectives themselves receive or gather new information.

Baton Rouge’s The Advocate recently shared that when the body of a young man is discovered inside a barrel submerged in the water, Sanchez and other Killing Fields team members are fairly certain that they know who it is and who killed him. On the next episode of Killing Fields titled “The Body in the Barrel,” Rodie agrees to work both cold cases. On the Killing Fields Facebook page is a preview video for the new episode, and Detective Sanchez may finally have what he needs to put a killer behind bars.

“That’s the evidence I’ve been looking for — for 25 years,” he says.

He fills in the Killing Fields team about the body in the barrel, and some of them immediately know who he is talking about. Curtis “Cochise” Smith disappeared on the evening of February 21, 1991 after he left his home to go to the store to purchase diapers for his 7-month-old son. Almost immediately, Tommy Francise was identified as a suspect in Cochise’s disappearance. Coming from a well-connected and wealthy family, Tommy never stayed in jail for very long, even though he had a lengthy rap sheet.

When interviewed by Detective Sanchez, he admitted to shooting Cochise, stuffing his body in the metal barrel, and then throwing him into the water in an area called Bayou Pigeon. After hearing this, most viewers of Killing Fields were probably wondering how Francise could still be walking around as a free man for over two decades if he confessed to the crime. At that time, Detective Sanchez was told to find a body and only then could Francise be put on trial for the murder of Cochise.

Now the team has a body, and Killing Fields detectives Rodie Sanchez, Aubrey St. Angelo, and Lori Morgan are assigned to examine the barrel for evidence in order to begin building a case against Francise. They are cautioned to proceed carefully, and Sanchez informs them that a witness he once interviewed told him that Francise had threatened to kill him. Rodie warns the Killing Fields team that they could all be in danger as they begin to close in on their suspect.

Are you a fan of the show? Do you believe that the detectives will be able to solve both Killing Fields cases? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions concerning Killing Fields below. Killing Fields airs on Tuesday’s at 10 p.m. ET on the Discovery Channel.

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