ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’ Episode 3 Spoilers: Nick Viall Faces Drama And Confrontations As Tensions Build Among The Ladies

Things are heating up for Nick Viall on ABC’s The Bachelor 2017 season and fans were left hanging at the end of Episode 2 Monday night. Liz Sandoz had hooked up with Viall at Jade Roper’s wedding to Tanner Tolbert last year and then she showed up during the premiere to see if she could get a second shot at a relationship. However, other ladies are now learning about this hookup and it’s making things complicated. Where are things headed in Episode 3 set to air on Monday, January 16?

TV Guide shares that there’s an awkward one-on-one encounter ahead, surely between Sandoz and Viall, and they note that one of the bachelorettes will sleep through the rose ceremony. According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, the awkward outing at the Museum of Broken Relationships leads to Liz heading home after Christen talks to Nick about learning of his prior connection to Sandoz.

Which lady sleeps through the rose ceremony? Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers detail that it’s Corinne Olympios who pulls this stunt. Viall will end up eliminating Hailey Merkt, Lacey Mark, and Elizabeth Whitelaw, and then the remaining 18 ladies will gear up for the next round of dates in Los Angeles.

Nick Viall is heading up the 'Bachelor' 2017 season

A boy band will show up to deliver a group date card, and spoilers reveal that this outing involves a Backstreet Boys concert where Viall and seven bachelorettes will end up dancing on the stage. Teasers share that in the midst of this outing, one of the more outrageous ladies will reveal a stunning secret that causes some friction.

It sounds as if this teaser may refer to Reality Steve’s spoilers detailing that Olympios tells the other ladies that she has a nanny for herself and apparently her bragging sparks a confrontation with some of the other women. Bachelorette Danielle Lombard is said to get the rose, but she may be overshadowed by the tensions among the other women.

The next one-on-one goes to Vanessa Grimaldi, and she will go on a zero-gravity date with Nick. Life & Style shared some pictures from this outing where bystanders noticed the sparks flying between Viall and Grimaldi. Although the teasers detail that there will be tears on this date, it sounds as if Nick and Vanessa shared a lot of passionate kisses and had a great time.

Despite the fact that Viall and Grimaldi seemingly have a fantastic date, she apparently got airsick and threw up at one point during the outing and that may be where some of the tears came. It will come as no surprise to Bachelor spoiler fans to hear that Reality Steve reveals that Vanessa does get the rose on this outing.

'Bachelor' Nick Viall faces drama in Episode 3

There is another group date in this show that features seven bachelorettes and some track and field events. Several Olympians will be on-hand to act as coaches, and Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers share that Rachel Lindsay will score the group date rose and Dominique Alexis will do something that sparks an elimination at the after-party.

Episode 3 will feature a pool party rather than a cocktail party ahead of the next elimination ceremony, and Reality Steve’s teasers indicate that Olympios will once again be quite aggressive when it comes to Viall. The Bachelor spoilers reveal that things will get tense and somewhat ugly at the pool party when Nick and Corinne end up making out quite a bit and this propels some of the other women to confront Viall about the situation.

Based on the Episode 3 synopsis, it sounds as if the action may stop there, leaving the next eliminations to play out during the January 23 show. According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, Christen Whitney and Brittany Farrar will be the two women who head home once the pool party drama subsides and the elimination ceremony is held.

The January 16 show will be jam-packed with drama and it sounds as if Nick Viall has his work cut out for him in terms of managing all of the bachelorette chaos. Will he take the concerns of some of the ladies to heart or will speaking up put targets on the backs of these frustrated women? ABC’s The Bachelor 2017 season has viewers buzzing and people will be anxious to see if all of the spoilers about the drama ahead pan out to be accurate.

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