Kate Middleton Birthday News: Queen Elizabeth Healthy, Attends Church With Kate And Pippa Middleton

Ven Lanyon

Kate Middleton's birthday on Monday, January 9 was a special day for Kate, and it was also a day to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's return to public life. The Queen has been ill with a "heavy cold" and the day before Middleton's birthday marked the Queen's "first public appearance in five weeks."

According to the Mirror, Kate and Prince William attended services at Sandringham on the Sunday before Kate's birthday. After weeks of worry over Queen Elizabeth's health, locals were delighted to see that Queen Elizabeth, 90, and Prince Philip, 95, joined Kate and William for church.

Both Queen Elizabeth and her husband missed Christmas and New Year's church services because of illness, and Kate and William celebrated Christmas with the Middletons this year. The Sun reports that a happy group of around 250 Royal fans "were overjoyed" to finally get to see Middleton and Prince William together with William's grandparents in public again, now that the Queen's "hacking cough" is no longer likely to "disturb other worshippers."

The Queen took precautions against the cold weather and wore a warm royal blue coat with a matching blue blanket over her legs for the short drive in her well-known maroon Bentley. She appeared to be in good health, although one onlooker commented that Queen Elizabeth was "slightly more stooped" than she was before her illness.

The Queen walked to the church from her chauffeur-driven car without any help, although both Kate and William were nearby in case she needed a support. Prince George and Princess Charlotte were home with their nanny, leaving their parents to focus on the senior royals.

There were several visitors to Sandringham church on the Sunday before Kate's birthday, there to experience the historic site and to see Kate and the Queen.

"I was hoping to see her and I am delighted that she was well enough to come to church."

Annie Balding summed up what so many people are thinking. "The Queen is incredible for a 90-year-old person who is still doing a full-time job."

After the hour-long service in the 16th-century church, waiting fans asked Middleton how the Queen was doing. Kate smilingly replied, "Very well, thank-you."

For Kate, the church service followed upon a "weekend family party" to celebrate her 35th birthday. The Duchess was accompanied by her parents, Carole and Mike Middleton, and by her sister, Pippa Middleton. After the service, Kate enjoyed some Middleton family time and prepared for more celebrations on Monday with Prince William, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Kate's "close friend Sophie Carter."

Family is very important to Middleton, and she much preferred a quiet time at their Anmer Hall home with her children and husband to a big birthday party. It will soon be back-to-work for the Duchess, as her increased royal duties resume. Now that Queen Elizabeth is 90-years-old, she is stepping back from many of her obligations and passing responsibility to Middleton.

Queen Elizabeth's health has been a worry for all the royals since she missed her traditional Christmas attendance at Sandringham services. Middleton is taking on more of the regular duties that are part of royal life as she prepares for her future as William's queen.

On January 11, Kate will be back in London for some educational time at the Early Years Parenting Unit at the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families. Middleton became the patron of the center last year and has since added several more patronages and responsibilities to her list. Kate, a mother of two, is thought to want more children of her own and takes a keen interest in the wellbeing of England's little ones.

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