Navy Skipper Fired After Drunken Visit To Russia

A Navy skipper was fired on Saturday after it was determined that he had engaged in some unruly drunken behavior during a recent trip to Russia, according to Reuters. Three officers were also sacked as a result of the investigation.

“The officers demonstrated poor judgment including some officers being drunk (and) disorderly, and not adhering to established liberty policies,” a Naval Surface Force Pacific spokesperson explained.

Commander Joseph R. Darlak of the USS Vandegrift was relieved of his command after investigators discovered that the officer had engaged in some uncouth shenanigans during his visit to the port of Vladivostok back in September. The Associated Press explains that Darlak even posted about the trip on his Facebook page.

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to visit Vladivostok and experience all the city has to offer,” he wrote. “Our sailors are especially looking forward to making new friends.”

In a recent statement on the matter, officials explained that the Navy skipper was fired “due to loss of confidence after demonstrating poor leadership and failure to ensure the proper conduct of his wardroom officers.” Captain H. Thomas Workman will assume command of the ship until it returns to San Diego later this month.


Unfortunately, Commander Joseph R. Darlak isn’t the only individual who decided to get drunk and rowdy during this drunken port visit to Russia. Lieutenant Commander Ivan A. Jimenez, the ship’s chief engineer, and operations officer were also relieved of duty “for personal conduct involving use of alcohol and not adhering to established liberty policies.”

The Navy skipper and his three officers have been re-assigned to fleet operations in San Diego while it’s determined what sort of additional punishments the men should receive for their unbecoming behavior.

Do you think the Navy skipper should have been fired for being drunk and disorderly during a port visit to Russia?