Courtney Stodden Divorce From Doug Hutchinson Is Happening And It Might Get Messy

Is anyone surprised that Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchinson are headed for divorce? The busty blonde bombshell is reportedly ready to leave her much older husband, and it turns out that age played a major factor in the breakdown of their marriage.

Courtney and Doug got married back in 2011. She was only 16-years old at the time, and he was 50-years old, and their marriage required the permission of Courtney’s parents for the couple to make things legal. Back when Courtney married the much older man, pretty much everyone said that the marriage wouldn’t last and was doomed to fall apart quicker than the unlikely couple got together.

Now, nearly six years after first saying their vows, Courtney Stodden is ready to move on from her non-traditional marriage. Does that mean the naysayers can say “I told you so” or is a six-year run long enough to bypass all of that? Courtney and Doug did manage to make it until she reached drinking age, after all.

Courtney and Doug have already split but are still living together, according to Radar Online. While some may think their living arrangement means that a reconciliation may be in order, it looks more like an issue of Los Angeles cost of living keeping them together rather than anything else.

According to the report, things are very uncomfortable in Courtney and Doug’s household because the 22-year old blonde wants to get out and party and be young. Meanwhile, Doug Hutchinson is acting like he’s doing okay but really, he’s not happy that his marriage to Courtney is falling apart and he worships the ground that she walks on.

To further prove that Courtney and Doug aren’t getting along, the soon-to-be divorced couple didn’t even spend New Year’s together. Instead, it was reported that the pair partied separately. Courtney has allegedly been doing a lot of drinking and wants to party all the time while 56-year old Doug just can’t keep up anymore.


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This isn’t the first time Courtney and Doug have split, but it does look like the most likely to actually lead to divorce. Courtney admitted late last year that she and Doug have separated before because she was so young and just really wanted to sow her wild oats. She said that she was able to get all of that out of her system. Then the couple came back together and she got pregnant with what would have been their first child.

Courtney Stodden was so excited to be pregnant in the first half of 2016 that she shared the news early with her fans. She even showed off her barely growing belly at several events before breaking the tragic news that she had a miscarriage and was no longer pregnant.

To further prove just how single she is, Courtney recently released a vine of herself that is so NSFW that if you want to see it, you’ll have to click here.

Courtney Stodden seems to think that 2017 is her year to really shine and she plans to do all that shining without Doug Hutchinson by her side. Did you think their unlikely marriage would even last this long?

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