‘Bachelor’ Bad Girl, Corinne Olympios, Issues Strong Warning To Fellow Contestants

Bachelor bad girl, Corinne Olympios, is the de facto villain of the reality dating show. She issues a strong warning to other contestants that was seen in an exclusive ABC clip behind-the-scenes of filming. The 24-year-old business owner from Miami is after one thing — to win the prize — that being one Nick Viall.

What she says is shocking!

According to a tweet put out by Good Morning America, Corinne Olympios won’t be “messed with” and will get feisty with anyone who has the nerve to challenge her.

“I’m here to find true love and if anyone gets in the way, there’s going to be a problem. Like, just don’t mess with me. I’m cute, but I can get really scary.”

She describes herself as “drama-free” and is “friends with everybody,” not exactly fitting the description that’s been reported about her.

The Bachelor cast is onto Corinne’s game this season, and it culminates into the classic drama that the show is known for.

Even Corinne’s parents are fine with her villain label, as TMZ reported last week. In fact, she watched The Bachelor 2017 premiere with her family last week, and everyone thought it was superb. If viewers recall, Corinne Olympios was open about her sexuality and was aggressive in making moves on Nick Viall from the get-go.

Warning: Stop reading if you don’t want Bachelor spoilers for episode 2

In a preview of episode 2, Olympios says that her father would “be proud” of how she handled the group date in which she went topless during a photo shoot in an attempt to get Nick’s attention.

Corinne is on a group date with 11 other Bachelor contestants with on the January 9 episode. Eight of the women play brides, and other four are selected as bridesmaids. The women gather for a photo shoot with Nick, and they all have a pool party soon afterward. According to spoilers, Corinne Olympios is miffed when Brittany has the most revealing outfit on because it doesn’t have a top. She says in the clip that she doesn’t want the contestant to steal her “thunder.” Not missing her chance, Corinne goes the distance by jumping into the pool and removing her top and placing Nick’s hands on her bare chest. Needless to say, it stuns her competition and definitely gets a reaction from Nick because she winds up getting the group date rose.

Nick keeps Corinne around for the long haul, according to several Bachelor spoilers divulged by Reality Steve. She’s virtually passed out at every cocktail party and had to be woken up by members of film crew for rose ceremonies. She only misses one rose ceremony, and that’s the one in which she already received the group date rose after the wedding group date.

Corinne told GMA that she’s confronted by some of the contestants after she sneaks in some extra time with Nick.

“Some girls came up to me and said, ‘So, I hear you went in for round 2 and got more time with him and kissed him. Yeah, I did. I didn’t take anything away from you.’”

Will Corinne Olympios’ competition heed her advice and avoid conflict with her or take their chances? Bachelor history certainly repeats itself, and there will be no shortage of trouble in that department this season!

The Bachelor 2017 airs Monday nights on ABC at 8 p.m., ET/PT.

[Featured Image by Rick Rowell/ABC]