UFO News: Routine Flight Becomes Bizarre As Pilots Attempt Communication With UFO

Today’s UFO news focuses on a bizarre UFO sighting off the Atlantic Coast of the United States, where two commercial pilots attempted to communicate with a UFO by using the lights of their aircraft, according to a report filed with the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC), and one pilot believes that they succeeded in doing so. The two pilots, who for obvious reasons given the history of UFO news reports, have chosen remain anonymous. Their UFO report outlines a 10-minute sighting that occurred off the coastline nearest to Atlantic City, New Jersey, during a routine flight from New York to Miami the day after Christmas.

The details included in the report are both professional and appear to be highly reliable. The pilots describe the altitude of their aircraft, the weather, and a detailed report about how the UFO appeared to them. Like many other UFO reports over the last two months, this UFO disappears.

Airline pilots attempted communication with UFO

“At first sight the light was approximately at our 1 o’clock position. It moved to 12, 10, 11, back to 12. At that time, the light appeared to move North, then south at a pretty rapid rate. Or I would describe it as closer and further from our position as the size seemed to get larger and smaller. The light ended in the 1st position and then moved out east and once at our 10 o’clock position disappeared.”

In this description, the pilots are clearly establishing a fast-moving UFO, as earlier in the report the pilot commenting established that his aircraft was moving at Mach 0.80. In civilian terms, the pilots are traveling at over 600 miles per hour. That means that the UFO in this news report is moving at a rate of speed that likely exceeded Mach 1, or breaking the sound barrier, many times in order to close the distances both toward and away from the commercial airliner. At this point, the pilot who was captain on this flight turns the report from interesting to astonishing.