G-Dragon 'Kissing' Dara: 'Daragon' Shippers Go Crazy With Relationship Rumors, YG Entertainment Responds On Big Bang And 2NE1 K-Pop Idols' Activity

It hasn't even been two weeks into 2017, yet there seem to be more relationship rumors among Hallyu stars than in the last. Last week, rumors of Joy of Red Velvet and V of BTS dating circulated the internet over the ridiculous notion of V "intensely staring" at Joy. Although many K-pop fans argued if or if not V was indeed "intensely staring" at Joy, most agree he was starring at the master of ceremonies (MC) given the fact both of their respective K-pop acts were participating at the 2016 MBC Music Festival.

Now, another relationship rumor is spreading across the internet like wildfire, and the Hallyu star in the center of it all is a K-pop idol well known for relationship rumors: G-Dragon. The leader of Big Bang has been rumored to be in a relationship with models and other K-pop idols. The one relationship most Hallyu fans, especially K-pop fans who are V.I.P. (fan club of Big Bang) know of is with Japanese model Kiko Mizuhara. The rumors of the couple allegedly being on-and-off again solidified only after rumors of their final breakup.

As for another rumored relationship, G-Dragon is often shipped with Taeyeon of Girls' Generation. Even after both YG Entertainment and SM Entertainment stated otherwise, the K-pop idols' activity on Instagram was "way too similar" to the point K-pop fans think there is something between them.

This time, the rumors link G-Dragon with Dara of 2NE1. A video of G-Dragon "kissing" Dara has caused "Daragon" shippers to go crazy with relationship rumors. Because the rumors have spread so quickly in such a short amount of time, YG Entertainment -- the label and agency both G-Dragon and Dara are signed under -- came forward with an official statement.

As mentioned above, a recent video on the internet, especially on social media, has caused many Daragon shippers to think G-Dragon and Dara are in a relationship. According to AllKpop, a fan video recorded G-Dragon protecting a girl who looked a lot like Dara from the crowd after his performance as a part of Big Bang on 0.To.10 Finale In Seoul. He was hugging her tightly to himself, and at one moment, he may have kissed her. Reportedly, the girl was indeed Dara as revealed by representatives representing the K-pop idols and YG Entertainment. Apparently, everything was done for a joke, as reported by Soompi.

"G-Dragon suggested to Sandara Park that they have their photos taken in that pose as a joke, and photos were taken. It was a joke that turned into a dating rumor."
However, Dara wasn't the only YG Entertainment labelmate in attendance at the concert. Hip-hop duo Jinusean, members of Winner, and even "Papa YG" himself, Yang Hyun Suk, were in attendance. And if a YG Family artist could not make it to the concert, most of them sent garlands with witty messages to demonstrate their love and support for the most popular K-pop act in YG Entertainment presently.

G-Dragon and Dara rumored to be in a relationship is nothing new. Daragon shippers have been thinking the two were together for the longest time, probably longer than G-Dragon and CL shippers. And just like any ship fan, Daragon shippers will find the most minute reasons that indicate G-Dragon and Dara are in a relationship. Just a couple of years ago, many thought the two were dating just because they had the same hair color, which is a ridiculous notion to base a relationship on.

Dara and G-Dragon Hair Pictures
G-Dragon and Dara have been rumored to be in a relationship since 2015, with many K-pop fans, especially V.I.P.s and Blackjacks, linking them over minute details such as matching hair color. [Images by YG Entertainment]

On a professional note, G-Dragon is currently busy with post-release promotions and concerts for the release of MADE: The Full Album last month through Big Bang. Dara is preparing to say goodbye to Blackjacks as a member of 2NE1 when they perform their swan song "Good Bye" later this month.

[Featured Image by YG Entertainment]