Kandi Burruss Lawsuit From Former Employee: Does ‘RHOA’ Star Feel Betrayed?

Kandi Burruss seems to be the topic of discussion on this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Last week, Kandi was the topic of gossip as Phaedra Parks hinted that Burruss was sleeping with a female friend because she wanted to experiment with women in the bedroom. She even hinted that Kandi’s own husband, Todd Tucker, may have joined in. And things didn’t slow down this week for Burruss, who learned that her former employee, Johnnie, felt that he had been betrayed by her after he was fired. Burruss’ explanation made sense, as she fired him because he supposedly dropped the ball on various projects. But Johnnie wanted compensation because he believed Kandi left him out of the restaurant venture.

According to a new tweet, Kandi Burruss decided to share her frustrations about everything that had happened as the episode was airing last night. She didn’t mention Johnnie by name, but she revealed that she felt sad and betrayed by him, as he chose to go behind her back to pursue legal revenge on her when all he had to do was to talk to her.

“It sucks when somebody that you’ve helped & genuinely liked & looked out for turns on you for TV. Waiting til we’re on camera to say u have a problem when you had months to do so is whack,” Kandi Burruss tweeted last night as Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta aired, sharing that Johnnie could have easily talked to her about his dislike for his pay and him getting fired instead of posting Instagram photos and pursuing a possible lawsuit.

And it sounds like Kandi Burruss was shocked that he went to Phaedra Parks for legal advice, knowing very well that Burruss and Phaedra were no longer talking to one another. He knew that they were no longer friends and still tried to cause more problems between them. While Parks admitted that she didn’t want to take on the case, she still gave him some contacts to lawyers who could handle the case for him.

“When has Phaedra ever been excited for somebody from the #KandiKoatedClique to come around? She knew he didn’t work with us anymore,” Kandi Burruss later added in a separate tweet, sharing that she was surprised to see that Parks would entertain Johnnie at her office given he was trying to sue Kandi for possible financial compensation.

“True, but at least she didn’t take the case,” one person wrote to Kandi in defense of Phaedra, to which Burruss added, “She recommended someone tho & encouraged him & this bulls**t.”

Some people were wondering how Johnnie knew that he could go to Phaedra since she and Kandi Burruss used to be close friends. Even though it wasn’t shown on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kandi reveals that she actually told Phaedra during the restaurant tasting that she wasn’t working with Johnnie anymore.

“How would she know that if y’all were not speaking?” one person asked Kandi Burruss, to which she replied, “Everybody knew. I had told them all at the tasting. They didn’t show it. Not only that he hadn’t worked at the Kandi Factory in 7 months when we taped that.”

Even though Burruss was clearly hurt by his actions, viewers tried to remind her that people were only coming for her because she is successful and has money in the bank. Plus, it sounds like some people believe that production wants to present Kandi with various hurdles, as so many of her co-stars have issues with her this season.

“Dont let people that don’t matter get to u,” another person wrote as encouragement to Kandi, who replied with, “It’s hard especially when u know they’re just trying to make u look bad on TV.”

“You can’t control other people’s mouth and actions, but you can control your response. Remember your blessings come from above:)” one person wrote to Kandi, while another person added, “Do you look bad at the bank?! Oh ok…”

What do you think of Kandi Burruss’ comments about Johnnie and Phaedra? Do you understand why she feels a bit betrayed and saddened by the situation?

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