Corinne Olympios Snags ‘Villain’ Crown, ‘Bachelor’ 2017 Spoilers Tease: How Long Does Nick Viall Keep Her?

Corinne Olympios is one of the bachelorettes vying for Nick Viall’s final rose on ABC’s The Bachelor 2017 season this winter, and she has already made quite the impression. She generated some buzz during the premiere, and spoilers indicate that she will definitely have people talking after Episode 2. Just what will Olympios do to stir things up and how long will she be sticking around in Season 21?

ABC teases via its press release for Episode 2 that a group date featuring a wedding day theme sparks drama as one aggressive lady rattles the other bachelorettes. This aggressive bachelorette will strip off her top in front of Nick Viall and the other women and she later interrupts the Bachelor star’s alone time with another gal to snag him for herself. According to gossip guru Reality Steve’s spoilers, this determined woman is none other than Corinne Olympios.

Reality Steve teased that Corinne will be a “hot mess” this season and will spark a lot of conversation throughout this season. She already stirred up some drama in the premiere, and Bachelor spoilers hint that there is plenty more drama connected to Olympios on the way. During the January 9 show, she takes her top off in front of Nick and the other women, but she’s not going to be offending Viall and packing her bags anytime soon.

Additional Bachelor spoilers from Reality Steve indicate that Corinne’s stunt involving the removal of her top is a result of her becoming jealous over which bride get-up she got during the date. While the other women are left stunned and offended, Viall decides to give her the group date rose. It seems that she’ll be so thrilled to know that she’s safe from elimination that she’ll booze it up during the cocktail party and miss the entire rose ceremony due to being passed out drunk. In addition, teasers indicate that she’ll booze it up pretty heavily ahead of most of the other rose ceremonies this winter.

Given all of this chaos and drama and Reality Steve’s spoilers that she will be the main villain in Season 21, viewers will surely wonder how long she will be sticking around. This contestant reportedly goes on the Backstreet Boys group date in Episode 3, where she will cause some drama with the other ladies as she brags about having a nanny for herself, and her aggressive nature with Viall will lead to more friction at the cocktail party. However, she does get a rose.

Olympios heads out on a group date in Episode 4 as well, and Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers detail that rather than pass out for the cocktail party and rose ceremony, she butts heads with Taylor Nolan. However, Nick still gives Corinne a rose, and the drama with Taylor sets the stage for the two women to go on a two-on-one date with Viall in Episode 5.

Corinne, Nick, and Taylor reportedly head to a swamp in the bayou in Louisiana for their outing, and tensions will run high between the two women. Interestingly, Bachelor spoilers share that Viall decides to keep Olympios over Nolan, and Taylor even returns later to confront him about his decision. The confrontation doesn’t change anything, however, and this controversial bachelorette will head out on another group date in St. Thomas in Episode 6. The Bachelor spoilers have not yet revealed anything particularly juicy about Olympios for this episode, but she does get a rose yet again.

Nick keeps Corinne through Episode 7, which takes place in the Bahamas, where she once again goes out on a group date and swims with sharks. Despite never getting a one-on-one outing with Viall, Olympios sails through yet another elimination and scores a hometown date, giving her the opportunity to take the Bachelor beau home to meet her family.

How do things go during her hometown? Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers don’t break down much about these visits, but he does reveal that this is where Olympios’ journey in Season 21 ends. Nick eliminates her at this point, but fans can almost be guaranteed that she’ll be back for another shot to find love by popping up on Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise this summer. By finishing in the top four, some would wonder if she also has a chance at becoming the Bachelorette 2017 lead. Typically, that could be a possibility, but it doesn’t sound as if it’s at all likely that production would go that route in this case.

Could this bachelorette end up going down as one of the most buzzworthy villains in franchise history? She will definitely generate a lot of buzz as she shows her aggressive side with Nick Viall, but it doesn’t sound as if Corinne Olympios will necessarily rise to the level of becoming the biggest villain ever. ABC’s The Bachelor 2017 season is airing on Monday nights now, and fans cannot wait to see where things head next.

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