‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers 2017: Liz Causes Major Drama In The House

The Bachelor‘s 2017 season is heating up. In the second episode of Season 21, Nick Viall will have to deal with some serious drama among the women, namely Liz. Fans of the reality TV series will remember Liz as the women who met Nick at a wedding before he was chosen as The Bachelor, and had a one night stand with him. Of course, none of the other contestants know about Nick and Liz’s huge secret, at least not yet.

Warning: Major spoilers about The Bachelor Season 21 below.

According to Carter Matt, Liz is about to drop a major bombshell on the other women competing for Nick Viall’s heart. In Monday night’s all-new episode, Liz will tell one of the other women that she and Nick had met before The Bachelor began filming and that they hooked up as well. Of course, the news will travel very quickly among the women in the house, and chaos will break loose as they will all lose their cool over the shocking secret being revealed.

The Bachelor spoilers 2017: Nick Viall's Season 21 winner revealed.

While it would be easy to peg Liz as The Bachelor Season 21 villain, it seems that another contestant may beat her to it. Fans are already talking about Corrine as she got a lot of airtime on the season premiere of the reality dating show last week. Corrine, who says she runs a multi-million dollar company, was the first girl to steal a kiss from Nick Viall on the first night. As seen in previews for upcoming episodes of The Bachelor, Corrine says she’ll stop at nothing to win Nick’s heart and a place in his bedroom. The blonde beauty is seen getting naked in the pool with Nick while the other girls are within close distance. Corrine is also seen sneaking into Nick’s bedroom at night to try to seduce him. Meanwhile, the other contestants aren’t going to take Corrine’s aggressive ways lying down. Many of the girls will speak out about Corrine’s wild ways, and urge Nick to stray away from giving her a rose during the elimination ceremonies.

However, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, it seems that Corrine will make it deeper into the competition than Liz. Reality Steve, who is well known for his accurate spoilers about The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, is reporting that Corrine, as well as Raven, Rachel, and Vanessa will be Viall’s final four for Season 21. While each of the women will make a big impression on Nick, it will be Corrine who will be the first eliminated from the four. When Nick is down to his final three, he’ll painstakingly eliminate Rachel Lindsay, whom fans will remember as earning the first impression rose in the premiere. This means that Nick will be left with a choice between Raven and Vanessa. According to reports, Nick Viall will choose Vanessa Grimaldi, the special education teacher from Canada as his future bride.

The Bachelor spoilers: Season 21 brings major drama for Nick Viall.

The Bachelor viewers will watch as Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi grow closer and closer throughout Season 21, and eventually end the season with a heartfelt engagement. Nick will present Vanessa with a ring, and she’ll accept, as reports reveal that the two are currently engaged. Of course, many couples from the reality TV franchise haven’t made it past the first year after watching the details what really went down during the season. While many fans want Nick to finally find the true love he’s bee searching for, only time will tell if he and Vanessa will be one of those lucky couples from the show who will actually make it down the aisle.

What are your thoughts on the latest The Bachelor spoilers for 2017? Do you think Nick’s relationship will last this time around?

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