WWE Rumors: Roman Reigns To Team Up With Goldberg For ‘Fastlane’?

We’re just a few days into the new year, and the latest WWE rumors suggest that we’re in for a lot of excitement with red brand. Monday Night Raw‘s favorite bad boy, Roman Reigns, is the subject of some pretty interesting WWE rumors — namely, surrounding who, precisely, he’ll be fighting, and teaming up with, in the coming months!

According to the latest WWE rumors from Yibada, Reigns — who will be defending the United States title, tonight, against Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho — has a friend in Bill Goldberg, so much so that he may be teaming up with him in the upcoming Fastlane Pay-Per-View fight. The outlet suggests that Reigns and Goldberg were recently shown in a promotional video suggesting that they’ll be involved in a tag-team at the event. This was further supported by the fact that last week, Reigns and Goldberg tag-teamed to take down Braun Strowman. And while that’s a sign of things to come in the upcoming Royal Rumble, as far as Roman Reigns is concerned, it should be interesting to see if the legendary wrestler teams up with Reigns for the long-term.

Meanwhile, according to the latest WWE rumors from Daily DDT, the team-up between Reigns and Goldberg is little more than a red herring — in other words, it’s not that they’ll be teaming up in a tag-team match, but that they will soon be facing off against one another!

Daily DDT‘s “fantasy bookings” of 2017 suggest that the two titans will face off against one another this year.

“We already knew that Goldberg was set to step back into a match as part of the thirty man field for the Royal Rumble. We already knew that Goldberg has an issue with Brock Lesnar to settle, after beating him in less than 90 seconds back at the Survivor Series. But what we saw during that segment was Goldberg coming face to face with Roman Reigns. The stare down only lasted a matter of seconds, but it was enough to tease some kind of potential feud between them both.”

If this fantasy booking does indeed happen, the latest WWE rumors from Sportskeeda will prove to be true: that Roman Reigns is on course for a heel run that may, or may not, end with him holding both the US Championship and the Universal Championship titles.

According to the outlet, the success of the heel run for Reigns will depend, largely, on his success at the Royal Rumble. If he proves victorious — and, for what it’s worth, we’re in agreement with Sportskeeda that tonight’s title match between Reigns and Owens & Jericho will lead to Reigns, again, being victorious, and it’s just being done to promote the upcoming Rumble — he will, next, be facing off against The Undertaker.

“With Roman winning the title at Rumble, he is sure to garner some heat with the ardent WWE fans for taking the title away from Kevin Owens. While WWE goes ahead with the Owens vs Jericho feud for the Mania, The Undertaker challenges Roman for the title at Mania during a segment on Raw.”

What do you think of this latest round of WWE rumors? Do you believe that Reigns will team up with Goldberg, or will they face off against one another?

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