Eden Sassoon Attacked For Mentioning Kim Richards On ‘RHOBH’: ‘Stop Using Kim For Fame’

Eden Sassoon made her first appearance on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this week, and many fans were excited about seeing what Eden could bring to the show. And it sounds like things went well at first, as she invited some of the ladies to a yoga session at her studio. But when Eden opened up about her sister who had passed away from a drug overdose and her once working on a film with Kim Richards, some people became very overprotective of Richards. And Sassoon was quickly attacked on social media for trying to use Richards to make herself relevant on the show.

According to a new tweet, Eden Sassoon is now revealing that she’s been receiving some harsh and hurtful comments from followers, who were not pleased with the way she came across on the show. And some of these followers write blogs about the show, and it sounds like Eden may see some hurtful articles from these blogs going forward.

“#YEARofTheTruth all about that #bullying about #life & #death NOT OK!! I don’t play that game #SasSQUAD is full of #love #truth,” Eden Sassoon tweeted after sharing a screenshot of a private message she had received from a gossip blog, which read, “Girl BYE!… and miss me with your thirsty bullshit. It is STUPID to fight with a blog. We are at the forefront of the REAL Housewives shows. So my dear, YOU watch your mouth. Toodles!”

Despite only being on the show for a single episode, it sounds like Sassoon didn’t make the best impression with viewers when she brought up Kim Richards and how her sister worked with Kim when she was younger. It was her comments about how the drug use started early, and while she didn’t exactly say that Kim and her sister used to do drugs together, she did say that it was during that time that her sister’s drug use began. And some people were furious that she would come on the show and throw Richards under the bus. Others didn’t think that Sassoon deserved the negative feedback.

“Wow I’m so sorry I’ll definitely block these inconsiderable bloggers that’s horrible #Heartless so sorry. Absolutely trying to find their site to block xo I’m horrified u don’t deserve that neither does your family. Done & done a lot more should block thank u for the dm posted shows some or most bloggers have no hear,” one person wrote to Eden Sassoon after reading what she had been receiving.

People didn’t hold back when they felt that she was using Kim’s role on the show to make herself relevant on the show. Of course, Eden Sassoon doesn’t have to make herself relevant, as she’s a brand new housewife. Maybe she just wanted to let Lisa Rinna and Erika Girardi know that she knew Kim Richards at one point and that her deceased sister had once worked with her. And while Lisa and Erika may have kept quiet on the show, Twitter fans didn’t hold back over the weekend.

“U suck. Stop using Kim Richards & ur dead sister for fame,” the blog had originally tweeted to Sassoon after she mentioned Kim on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills while having lunch with Lisa Rinna and Erika Girardi, to which Eden replied, “You are a very sick human.. may you sleep at night and #healing happens you have no #integrity… have a nice life #lookinthemirror.”

What do you think of Eden Sassoon dealing with Twitter followers, who are slamming her for bringing up Kim Richards, who has clearly struggled with drug addictions? Do you think she should have left that part out of the conversation, where she talked about Kim Richards and her own sister’s drug use?

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