Kylie Jenner New Pics Shock Instagram As Kim Kardashian Reclaims Social Media Throne

For years, Kylie Jenner stayed in the shadows of big sister Kim Kardashian and the rest of her sexy siblings on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. In 2016, however, Kylie made it clear that she no longer desired to take second place, sending her social media numbers soaring with increasingly hot photos and videos. But while Kim seemed to be taking a hiatus for awhile from social media, giving Jenner the chance to steal the spotlight, Kardashian is now back, and it’s a battle for who can retain the social media throne in 2017.

Noting that Jenner may want to try to guard her throne, Hollywood Life told readers that since her “triumphant” return to social media, Kim has earned “a staggering number of likes and views on all her social platforms.” The 36-year-old snagged the spotlight in her return to the platforms of Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat following her three-month hiatus from social media.

Kim Kardashian delighted her fans by returning to social media after a hiatus.

Kardashian’s followers didn’t disappoint their queen when it came to viewing her renewed involvement. In the 24 hours after Kim’s return, she received 42.8 million views on Snapchat, four million likes on her new photos on Instagram, and 84 million impressions on Twitter.

What did the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star share to rack up all those numbers? Kardashian’s return to social media included an adorable photo of her family on Instagram, a Snapchat video in which she tossed some shade at Kylie, and a Twitter post to reconnect with her loyal fans, reported Elle.

Kim’s fans responded with enthusiasm to her tweet telling them that she had “missed” them.

“Kim’s tweeting fans!!! She’s back!! She’s really really back,” posted one of Kardashian’s followers.

But although Elle told readers that Kim is “quickly reclaiming her title as the reigning kween of social media,” Kylie seems to be doing what she can to retain her own throne.

With help from Tyga, Jenner shocked Instagram with her new pictures. One photo, for example, which Kylie shared on her Kylie Shop Instagram account, reveals Jenner’s curvy body from the neck down, reported Hollywood Life.

Kylie and Kendall Jenner flaunt their fabulous figures on the red carpet.

Kylie is flaunting her figure in a white tee shirt that is soaked in water, with her hands on her breasts. Adding to the NSFW factor, Tyga’s hands are shown below Jenner’s. (You can view the photo here.)

But as Kylie rivals Kim when it comes to owning the social media throne, Jenner has a problem that her big sister hasn’t faced recently. Jenner’s hot new photos of her curvy body are causing a return of those rumors that she had breast enlargement surgery, reported Maxim.

At 19, Kylie should be able to keep what she has done, if anything, in a plastic surgeon’s office to herself, pointed out the media outlet. However, with 83 million followers on Instagram who are scrutinizing those photos, Jenner is increasingly discovering that many think she’s had breast work.

“Can you tell this girls that your body not real and that you got your boobs done!!!!” wrote one.

“I can’t see through all the plastic,” claimed another follower.

“… surgery and money…,” summed up a third skeptic.


A photo posted by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

One photo even resulted in Jenner’s followers analyzing the size of her breasts.

“Is it just me or is one boob is noticeably bigger than the other… shouldn’t have gotten implants,” scolded the commentator.

Just like big sister Kim Kardashian, Kylie doesn’t neglect her Twitter followers. She recently shared an image designed to hype a pair of jeans that, while it didn’t get her slammed with more “boob job” speculation, instead created a backlash of rumors that she had either butt implants or had used Photoshop to enlarge her derriere.

“What a butt… Photoshop?????” tweeted one follower.

“More like surgery – which she constantly denies,” pointed out another. “Giving off a fakeness as real to impressionable girls.”

[Featured Image by Rich Fury/Invision/AP Images]