Louie C.K. Performs Stand Up As Abraham Lincoln [Video]

Steven Spielberg recently directed a new movie about Abraham Lincoln starring Daniel Day Lewis. The movie, Lincoln, has received rave reviews and has earned both film icons Oscar buzz. But what if the new movie was directed by Louie C.K.? The famous comedian took a stab at playing the famous president last night on Saturday Night Live.

In Louie’s version of Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln vents about his “historically crazy” wife by doing stand up. The skit, which played within the format of C.K.’s show Louie, shows president Lincoln as he deals with post-civil war America.

Lincoln said: “I’m totally getting murdered. Like it’s not even a question. When I get murdered it’s just going to say ‘It Happened’ and everyone will know what ‘It’ is… I feel bad for the detective who has to solve my murder. Because they’re going to go ‘Let’s see who might have done it.’ Oh, I don’t know. How about everyone from the middle of the country down. Maybe one of them did it. Maybe they had a motive like, ‘He ruined the whole way of how I do everything.”

The skit also features Abraham Lincoln trying to make friends with black people at a bar and him arguing with his wife about movie theater tickets.

Here’s a look at Louie’s version of Abraham Lincoln.

Surprisingly, that wasn’t the only skit featuring Louie C.K. sitting at a bar. His final skit of the night shows two strangers hitting on each other as the bartender calls out “last call.” It also features one of the most disgusting kisses in recent TV memory.