‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Hope Escapes From Prison, Gets Help From Unlikely Source

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week reveal that Hope Brady is about to have a very stressful, traumatic, and wild journey as she breaks out of prison. Sheila, played by Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins, and her friend Coco will reportedly continue to plan a way to take out Hope for good. While Rafe has landed Hope a free extended stay in the infirmary to keep her safe while he’s in Prague looking for Stefano, it looks like Hope will have plans of her own.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Days of Our Lives viewers will watch as Coco and Sheila devise a plan to get to Hope. However, Hope’s most loyal prison buddy, Hattie, will warn the former police officer about the two plotting together. Instead of staying in the infirmary where she’s supposed to, Hope will sign herself out and face her problems head on. Hope, who has proven herself to be brave, courageous, and, at times, fearless, will be ready for an attack. However, someone else will set the entire situation into a tailspin.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Will Eric Brady return to save Hope's life?

According to the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers, a prison employee named Chet will take matters into his own hands when he sneaks up behind Hope and uses chloroform on her. Hope won’t have the slightest idea what is happening, but Chet will seemingly be aware of what’s going on at the prison and will risk everything to help out Hope. Unfortunately for Chet and Hope, things will go terribly wrong. Hope will assume that Chet is an enemy and will fight back against him. There will be a scuffle, and during the misunderstanding, Chet will accidentally knock Hope unconscious, causing the stitches she received after being stabbed by Sheila and Coco to come loose. Hope will lie bleeding on the ground, and Chet will panic. He’ll fear that he could be blamed for killing Hope and will go on the run, leaving Hope to die.

However, Days of Our Lives viewers will allegedly see an unlikely person come to Hope’s rescue, and it won’t be her boyfriend, Rafe Hernandez. Spoilers indicate that actor Greg Vaughan will return to the soap as Eric Brady, and Eric may actually be the one to save Hope’s life.

The last time that Days of Our Lives fans saw Eric Brady is when he was being carted off to prison for the crime of killing Dr. Daniel Jonas in a car accident where he was drinking and driving. Eric, who then had a serious alcohol abuse problem, is likely clean and sober now due to his time in prison.

Greg Vaughan has been confirmed to return to the NBC soap, and the timing seems to line up for his character to be the one to save Hope. Perhaps Eric was released from prison but was too ashamed to return to Salem after killing Nicole’s fiance and Maggie’s son. If Eric can save Hope’s life, it could make him feel like he’s redeemed himself a bit in the eyes of his friends and family. Hope may also be able to convince Eric to return home to Salem after the ordeal is over.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Is Stefano still alive?

Meanwhile, Hope better pray that Rafe, Steve, Marlena, and Paul find Stefano alive in Prague, because if they can’t, she’ll likely end up with more prison time due to her great escape. It doesn’t seem that Rafe, Roman, Abe, Justin, or anyone else would be able to get her out of the mess that could possibly come if this were to happen.

What are your thoughts on the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers? Do you think Eric will be the one to save Hope?

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