The View: Jedediah Bila Gets Bashing From Co-Hosts For Taking Trump’s Side And Saying Hollywood Should Not Be Involved In Politics

Jedediah Bila got a bashing from her View co-hosts as they all weighed in on Meryl Streep’s anti-Trump speech at the Golden Globes. According to the Daily Mail, the 37-year-old former Fox News contributor in an on-air segment Monday said that she understood the right to free speech and believed Meryl Streep was a gifted actress, but felt that an esteemed Hollywood event was not the place to be talking politics.

“She [Meryl Streep] made me turn it off, if I’m being honest. Not because I don’t respect her right to an opinion, not because—I think she’s a phenomenally talented actress. But when I turn on an awards show, I don’t want to be lectured about politics. There are people out there who love Meryl Streep and love her acting, but don’t want to be made to feel they’re being marginalized for their politics in a moment that’s not about politics.”

According to the Inquisitr, Streep, who was given the Cecil B. DeMille Award for an acting career that had spanned more than 40 years, used her acceptance speech to blast the president-elect for mocking disabled, journalist Serge Kovaleski. The reporter, who suffers from arthrogryposis, had questioned the authenticity of Donald Trump’s statement in a Washington Post story when the 70-year-old future president said thousands of Muslims had celebrated the 9/11 attacks.

Trump at a rally in South Carolina had then attacked the reporter, drawing up his wrists close to his chest and flailing around. He flatly denied that he was imitating the reporter, arguing that he had no idea that Kovaleski was disabled. Serge Kovaleski, countered his claims, adding that he and Trump were on a first-name basis after he had interviewed him in his office and at press conferences at least a dozen times. In a statement, Mr. Trump denied ever meeting the Pulitzer Prize- winning journalist saying Kovaleski must think a lot of himself to think he would remember him.

Bila who joined the View for its 20th season in September said when she saw the controversial clip of Trump flailing his hand; she “clearly” agreed that he was mocking the journalist. However, the 37-year-old co-host admitted that after watching other video clips showing Donald Trump using the same hand gestures to mock people that were not disabled; she did not think he mocked Kovaleski because of his condition.

Whoopi Goldberg, Sunny Hostin, and Joy Behar disagreed with the former Fox News contributor which led an intense debate in front of a live studio audience. Joy Behar brought up Trump’s tweet, where he called Streep an overrated actress. Behar called the 70-year-old future president a baby for being too thin-skinned and thinking he needed to react to every criticism thrown his way.

“He’s such a baby. Of course, she’s no Scott Baio, I’ll admit that. He is supposed to be the president of the free world. He’s not there to tit-for-tat over every little slight that goes through his thin skin. That is not his job.”

Jedediah Bila agreed that it was not the place of the leader of the free world to be caught up in a Twitter tirade. But the co-host refused to back down as Hostin still took on Bila’s initial remarks about an awards show not being the place to talk about politics. Hostin who also doubles as a senior legal correspondent and analyst for ABC News said the 17th edition of the Golden Globes was a great place to talk about politics, adding that the message was momentous given the current climate.

“People look up to actors. They look up to athletes…and that was such an incredible platform. And what she was speaking out against, or in support of, was freedom of the press, not making fun of disabled people…supporting arts in our country. That message was really significant to me.”

Behar weighed in, saying that people did not like it when celebrities discussed politics, but noted that they had elected one into office. The 74-year-old comedian and writer revealed that maybe it would best if he also kept quiet. Whoopi Goldberg read out a tweet by Meghan McCain who pointed out that anti-Trump speeches like the one made at the Golden Globes got the Manhattan billionaire into the White House. The 32-year-old daughter of U.S. Senator, John McCain cautioned that if Hollywood kept on throwing speeches like that around, Trump would be re-elected. Goldberg said people needed to stop using Hollywood as if it was a bad word.

Meanwhile, Trump’s favorite communication platform has exploded with strong views on Meryl Streep’s speech on Sunday. Some people have come out to laud her speech. Others have blasted Hollywood’s snobbish stance arguing that it was similar to the attitude exuded by the elites who ushered Trump into power. Even then, Meryl Steep was roundly applauded for her take on Trump at the awards, two Hollywood stars in the audience seemed to think differently and their looks totally gave them away.

[Featured Image by Evan Agostini/AP Images]